Sunday, March 15, 2009

More news stories about Lloyd Hines' hopes for political stardom

So it would seem that Mr. Hines isn't going to try to be premier as someone originally emailed me, which is a little better, and in order for him to become an MLA for Guysborough County -
he's going to have to unseat an incumbent (Ron Chisholm) who's been there for at least the last 2 elections, and was first elected in 1988 - so he's been around for a long time, and he's currently in a cabinet position as minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture - so he's also bringing in some good change for the county I'd imagine.

And right now - small county's like Guysborough need to elect MLA's that are on the side of the party voted into power, or they're screwed - so they can't be voting in candidates that are not going to take the house. And that is NOT going to be the liberal party I don't imagine.

People have sent in a couple more articles about Mr. Hines hope for political power - so here they are -

Lloyd Hines to seek Liberal nomination

A veteran municipal politician is taking the plunge into the provincial pool.

Guysborough County councillor and Warden Lloyd Hines announced his candidacy for the Nova Scotia Liberal party nomination in Guysborough-Sheet Harbour last week.

“This is not glamour; this is grunt work,” Hines said about the approach he wants to bring to provincial politics – the same one he said has characterized his more than two decades in municipal and school board politics.

The long-time Guysborough County businessman said he has contemplated a move to provincial politics for “quite some time.”

“I am running because I want to help the riding move forward, and I feel confident that my knowledge, experience and determination will make that happen. I am sensing that people feel it is time for a change,” he said.

Hines said the “clincher” in his decision to vie for the nomination was the leadership of provincial Liberal leader Stephen McNeil.

“He continues to make great strides. He has great leadership qualities and he is going to make an excellent premier. I have a tremendous amount of faith in him.”

Hines said his municipal political experience will be an asset, including working cooperatively on issues.

“Having a great team, letting people know what you are trying to accomplish and involving them early on in the process has worked best for me. Mix that with hard work and anything is possible.”

He added many issues at both levels, including roads and infrastructure, are the same.

“I am familiar with the issues that affect the communities in our riding,” he said.

In more than 10 years serving with the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM), including his current position as chair has provided him with a close-up of the provincial-municipal relationship. His work with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has provided the same insight of the provincial-federal dynamic.

“I think I will be able to hit the ground running in a lot of ways at the provincial level,” Hines said.

If he makes the move to provincial politics, Hines agreed he would miss the municipal scene.

“Nevertheless, I think it is time for me to be part of the team that will make the changes we need provincially.”

As far as a spring election is concerned, Hines is ready to roll.

“If I get the nomination, I would want [an election] sooner rather than later. Let the people decide,” he said

Describing him and his wife, Patricia, as “empty-nesters,” the father of four said he is prepared to make the commitment to the “full-time job” of provincial politics,

“Without the green light from Patricia and my family, I wouldn’t be able to do this. I am very lucky to have such support at home,” he said, noting their ongoing support throughout his political career.

The Guysborough-Sheet Harbour provincial Liberal nomination meeting will take place March 14 at the Guysborough Legion.

“There’s lots of work to be done and I am ready to take on the challenge,” Hines said.

Warden Lloyd Hines seeks Liberal nomination

Thursday, February 26, 2009 , 11:26 -

A Quad County Warden has decided to throw his hat into the circus ring called Provincial Politics.

Guysborough Warden Lloyd Hines is seeking the Liberal nomination for the Guysborough-Sheet Harbour riding.

The seat is currently held by Ron Chisholm, the province's Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

He says Ron is a colleague of his, but once on the campaign trail, all bets are off.

" We've been through municipal government together. I look forward to debating the issues with Ron, I think that both he and I have a good even perspective on how things are to be done - but unfortunately only one of us can win - and it's going to be me."

Hines will seek the nomination at a meeting on March 14th at the Guysborough Legion.

There are no other declared candidates.


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Ahhhhh, yes, Ron "I only go to Dartmouth for the Chinese food" Chisholm ...

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    It`s really no better.
    Bryant in Ontario just introduced a Private Member`s Bill and Premier McGuinty whipped the vote.
    That`s how the Law passed.
    Nothing to stop Hines from doing the exact same thing.
    Hope Reporters start asking questions.
    Hope Ron Chisholm makes this an issue.
    Please keep the heat on.
    If people like Hines make their way into Provincial Politics,its bad news.
    Easier to prevent it than to get rid of them once they`re in.

  3. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Oh that's just super. Just what Nova Scotia needs - another ignorant, redneck, narrow-minded politician who lives inside a judgmental little hick-town box.

  4. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Some of them are smart!

    Let`s hope it spreads to Canada(especially Ontario AND Guysborough and other places that haven`t got the memo yet)

    [quote]``The measures adopted in the previous laws had no
    scientific foundation. Dangerous breeds do not exist.[/quote]

    I`m sure Lloyd is reading your blog.
    What do you think Lloyd?

  5. That's pretty funny - I'm pretty sure that Lloyd Hines does not read my blog - he doesn't care about dogs enough to spend time reading a website about dogs and dog politics and cute pictures of dogs - he might read the first couple sentences of a post that's about him, but that's about it. That's funny! He only cares about things that are going to move his life forward - and things like internet websites dedicated to making the lives of targetted dogs better - is not one of them I don't imagine!


  6. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Oh I bet he IS following your blog when you write about him.
    I wasn`t being sarcastic about your blog.

    These arrogant,lazy,kneejerk Politicians can`t resist googling their own names.
    If he`s not here reading,rest assured his friends and supporters are and they`ll be reporting back.

    I`ll bet he`s fuming right about now,eh Lloyd?

    Little did he know that Zeus Cameron would NEVER die.
    He`s at rest but
    we`ll make sure that Lloyd Hines never forgets him.

  7. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I totally agree with the previous poster - we cannot let the public forget that Lloyd Hines was hell-bent on killing an innocent, senior dog that had never harmed anyone or anything!

  8. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Lloyd have you heard the latest news?

    [quote]Court Rules Miami-Dade County Pit Bull Ban Unenforceable
    A court ruled Miami-Dade's 20 year ban on pit bulls was too vague in defining "pit bull" and unfairly let animal control officers basically guess whether a dog is a pit bull.[/quote]

    Essentially what happened in your County.

  9. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Did you happen to notice that the comments have all been removed on the(CASKET) Lloyd Hines story?
    Apparently Lloyd doesn`t want to be reminded of Zeus Cameron and BSL.

    Does Lloyd Hines have connections?

  10. RememberZeus11:29 AM

    I see there is a new comment.
    The fact that the previous comments were removed is very,very telling about Lloyd Hines and his supporters.
    Obviously the Zeus Cameron(BSL) story is still a thorn in Lloyd`s side.
    People need to be reminded over and over again that this man is a threat to dog ownership.

  11. Anonymous8:00 AM

    first, I have to say, I love dogs. I own five. however the people that rent a house next to mine have 2 very large preso canaria dogs that terrify me. they weigh roughly 120-130 pounds apiece, wear large leather collars with 2 inch spikes on them, and there is no fence on the property. their idea of containing them, is to tie them to a lawn mover in the back yard. my little beagle/springer cross is strong enough to pull a lawn mower, so I am sure these dogs could pick it up and twirl it over their heads. one evening my friend was walking two of our dogs, and one of the preso canaria dogs knocked over it's owner and dragged him up the driveway, all the while snarling and growling while trying to get to my dogs. fortunately, my friend managed to get the dogs inside safely. we live next to a walking trail and provincial park where many responsible dog owners take their dogs for exercise. when they pass in front of the preso's residence, you can hear the two dogs howling and throwing themselves against the windows trying to get out. when these dogs attack and seriously injure or kill another dog or it's owner, who is going to be held responsible? the owners, or the landlord that rented the dog owners the house? how can the victim replace a beloved family pet? or learn to live with the scars?

  12. To the above commenter - that is an issue for animal control - not Lloyd Hines - we already have laws in place for irresponsible dog owners - we do not need breed discrimatory laws in order to take care of the problems you are having - it's very obvious that you have bad dog owners - not bad dogs living next door to you.