Saturday, March 7, 2009

"How not to buy a puppy" was fabulous on CBC Marketplace

I hope everyone got to watch the CBC's Marketplace show tonight when they did a piece called "How not to buy a puppy" - it was really good. They focused on a couple specific pet stores that sold puppies - one in Toronto, and one in Vancouver - and it turns out that both those stores got their puppies from puppy mills in the United States - and both stores sold puppies that were defective and had bad genes and long term health problems - and lied in their advertising and intent.

The show also talked to "PIJAC" - the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council - which is the lobbying group that tries to give a respectable face to the pet store industry and also tries to inculcate itself to the Canadian Kennel Club and any other organization that they think might take them - they're an organization that is as sleazy as the Hunte Corporation themself - and the show tonight really showed that. It was great. I've been preaching for years how awful PIJAC is - hopefully now people will start to take notice - maybe now the Canadian Kennel Club will start to think twice about their close association with them at least.

The show tonight was able to trace 2 dogs that were bought at pet stores here in Canada to specific puppy mills in the States - and showed pictures of cages and chicken wire sheds that they came from - and PIJAC and the pet stores - had no answers to give.

You can watch the whole piece online at

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  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    it should also be mentioned that one of the pet stores they talked about in the show, PJ's Pet, has a Nova Scotia connection: Pets Unlimited. Thats right, Pets Unlimited is the same company as PJ's pets!