Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today is Jack's Got Day

It was one year ago tonight that I brought Jack home from his latest foster home that he'd burned through - after arriving back in Metro from animal abuser Alice MacIsaac - he was one of the dogs irrevocably injured by the Celtic Pets scandal last year - and by the skin of his old teeth he was not killed by the Executive team in place at that time at the NS SPCA. Even one of the Special Constables almost killed him because he was being so nasty.

You would too if you'd just livled through many many months at a hoarding animal abusers house with 40 other dogs and you had a huge ulcer explode in your eyeball and receive no treatment for it so you eyeball literally disappeared in it's socket and the hair around your eye became all encrusted with mucus and you couldn't shit because hair become encrusted and there wasn't one part of your body that didn't have a matt on it - so everywhere you felt was rock solid, and his nails grew so long that they had grown all the way around and embedded into the pads of his feet. That's no way for anyone to have to live - but that's the way that animal abuser Alice MacIsaac thought it was okay to let her 40 or so dogs live day by day - so by the time he was rescued - he was pretty unhappy.

I got him 5 days after animal abuser Alice MacIsaac's house had been raided - and the worst and hugest matts had been cut away - so if you can believe it, he was looking pretty good when I got him.

And it's been all sunshine and lollipops ever since then. If only the rest of the world was as good as he is at expressing their emotions - the world would be a much better place. For those who know Jackie - they know exactly what I'm talking about. He's a very special dog - and I'm very lucky to have him.


  1. Wonderful, Joan. Happy one year anniversary for you and Jack.

  2. Anonymous12:16 AM

    I've had the pleasure of meeting Jackie. He is indeed a unique and special fellow.

    Thanks for saving his life, Joan.


  3. Happy "Gotcha Day", Jack! Although nothing will ever erase or excuse the horrors that were inflicted upon you, you are a very lucky little boy to have such a wonderful Momma, who loves you & takes such pawsome care of you!
    Do something "special" with your day - a day to recognize your day of freedom!

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Wow, happy got day Jack! you are one of the lucky ones who survived--albeit barely--the horrors of that animal abuser Alice MacIsaac. Ejoy your new life little man, you will never know anything but love now that you are away from the animal abuser Alice MacIsaac!!!! janice

  5. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Happy GOT DAY to you and Jackie - thank DOG for you Joan.
    stick to your 'guns' don't let idiots that are parodying your blog to get to you ...

    Can't believe they are that stupid not to understand the reason you got the Gail Benoit domain name - so that you can BLOCK her from having a forum to sell 'her puppies'!

    Keep up the good fight Joan - thank you

    Janet and the Casbah Crew

  6. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Congratulations Joan and I hope you and Jack have a great day (and the rest of your clan). Glad to see you are not letting all the other crap bother you. Keep your head up and the truth will prevail. You and Jack have a good one.

    From one dog lover to another

  7. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Happy Got Day to you both!

  8. Anonymous7:58 AM

    "JACKPOT!!!" How lucky for you both!!! Those people need to be kept away from any animals......grrr!!!!

  9. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Joan you are a credit to the human race - you are a hero in my books! I know you feel you are lucky to have found Jack but I know he thinks the same :)