Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Further on my "There is so much going on"

I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about all the local dog stuff going on - and there's even more that is continuing to go on. If it wasn't February - the darkest month of the year - I might be enjoying myself right now.

There's more information about Temple Grandin coming to Nova Scotia, which is fabulous. I had an email today from a lady named Marguerite who has gotten to the bottom of the Temple mystery and found out that Ms. Grandin is in fact making several appearances in Nova Scotia when she comes here next week. She's going to be speaking at the Atlantic Poultry Conference, at the Nova Scotia Agriculture College - AND she's going to be speaking here in Halifax on February 19th at Dalhousie University from 7-8pm. Click on the photo at left to find out more information on the person to email and call because you have to pre-register for the Halifax talk.

Susan Jordan is going to be putting on a seminar on February 26th from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m - the topic is "Understanding Dog Signals" and emphasis is on helping dog owners at everyday places like the dog parks, out on public walks and in the will include such skills as learning the difference between rude vs agressive behaviours, recognizing when your dog is threatened or anxious, when they are "shutting down", when they are under pressure, etc. Susan will be using powerpoint, photos and handouts to support the presentation. She will be offering techniques and suggestions as to how to help dogs (and owners) cope with these situations!
Cost is only $20 per person. The location is at "The Chewed Slipper" doggie Daycare in Lower Sackville. You can check out all the details on their website (home page) at

And I'm very excited about the fact that my favourite trainer in the whole world - Silvia Jay - is going to be having a one day seminar she's calling "the Art of Mindful Leadership" on April 18th here in Halifax at the Future Inn out in Bayer's Lake. I'm helping her to set it up - so if you're interested in going - you should contact me at to reserve your seat - it costs $40 for the day and different topics that are going to be covered are laid out in the poster to the left - click on the picture to find out more. It is going to be an amazing day - and I hope it's just the first of many that Silvia will be giving.

And if you haven't heard - this weekend is a super busy weekend for dogs - all weekend is the Halifax Kennel Club show out at the Exhibition Park, and then on Sunday we've got the Grey Hound Pets of Atlantic Canada Pet Expo at the Halifax Forum's Civic Centre and I found out today they've got like 70 booths signed up - so that's a lot of vendors to browse through. Me and a couple of my friends are going to be at one of those tables - we've resurrected a group we started a couple years ago called "Advocates for Responsible Pet Ownership" - and we're going to be giving out educational materials about responsible pet ownership and puppy mills, and what one person can do to help dogs locally, places to buy your pet supplies locally that don't also sell live animals, information about chaining dogs - and just generally a coming together of local dog owners in a PAC (pack) - or if you want to call it a "political action committee"... it's time to get moving. We also have our requisite facebook group at


  1. Mr. Africansunset11:10 PM

    can't wait to see you @ your booth this weekend

  2. Anonymous10:31 AM

    hopefully if the roads are good we will make the trip, can't wait to meet everyone and sample some dehydrated liver treats! Saige and Guinness

  3. Will you have your signature treats at the expo?
    And will you be bringing a fur-kid with you?

  4. I will be having my liver at the table - with proceeds going to the SPCA, but I won't be bringing Buttercup with me this year I don't think - her back legs are too sore I think. I'll have to see how she's feeling Sunday morning and decide from there.


  5. Tracy M12:13 PM

    I wish I lived closer!! I just finished reading Temple Grandin's new book "Animals make us Human" and it is amazing, as is "Animals in Translation". I am so jealous and wish I could be there to meet her.


  6. If you can make it as far down as Amherst, Tracy - I heard she's going to be talking in Amherst in March.