Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Legal Challenge of Pit Bull Ban in Ontario

The DLCC is frantically trying to raise the last bit of funds required to mount the challenge to go to the Supreme Court to fight the ban on pit bulls in Ontario that currently exists - they've got challenges going on between different dog clubs - between The Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada and the Saluki Club of Canada and they've each voted to donate $1000 to the DLCC. Dog Show Judges are challenging each other to donate money, the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club has answered the call.

Some businesses are giving a portion of their sales to the fundraising - Lee Anne Tibbo is giving 10% of her sales in January and 25% in February - her website is at - Cindi-Lee Photography is giving 10% of her proceeds to the fight.

I thought I'd put out a challenge to everyone who reads this blog who also has a blog that talks about dogs - I've given $80 in the last couple of weeks to the DLCC for the Supreme Court Challenge - and I don't even like the DLCC! haha! But I do hate the pit bull ban in Ontario - and this is the time where it's do or die, isn't it?

They've also started a Facebook group - Fight The Pitbull Ban in Ontario - Support the Legal Challenge and Is your Dog Worth One Dollar?

You can donate at the DLCC's website at


  1. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Donating,but what the hell took them so long?
    I see they finally are listening to people and giving out some info.
    Donating because it`s all about the dogs no matter what you own or where you live.
    BSL has to end.

  2. Anonymous1:39 PM

    We`ve donated.
    Ditto to what was said by anon.
    It`s too bad it took them so long to stop with the "know it all" attitude.
    That didn`t encourage donations from around the world.
    We challenge all Beer drinkers to donate the cost of 1 case of Beer to this Legal Challenge.

  3. That's funny Mr or Ms Beer Drinker! If every beer drinker met your challenge, I think they would have met their money goal in about an hour!

    As of the last email I've received they've raised almovst $24,000 of the $67,000 they need to raise by January 31st


  4. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Looks like they`re doing well so that`s great news for Dog Owners across Canada.
    Check the Thank You page on the DLCC site.
    We`re sure most of them are Beer Drinkers.

    We love your blog,drunk or sober.
    You`re helping dogs.That`s all that matters.

  5. Anonymous5:04 PM

    All the "dangerous" dogs will be on the East Coast and in Quebec if this keeps up.

    Donate $1 so Ontario keeps it`s own "dangerous" dogs.

    Damn those google alerts.Can you get addicted?