Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jacques Video

This is Jacques video - who I talked about yesterday - he's been at the Dartmouth shelter for 5 months, probably because he's a high energy dog who likes to show the people who have taken him out of his cage that he's really strong and ready to go, go, go - but the secret about him is that he is also really ready to learn and has a bomb proof sit, has beautiful eye contact, and really loves treats.

He is just dying to be introduced to a tug toy, or an agility ring - and he could really go far. He has a beautiful body, a great spirit, and doesn't seem to have any issues at all except for the fact that he's a puller - and that is so easily fixed it's silly.

He's at the Dartmouth SPCA - hopefully not for much longer - if you're on a flyball or agility or rally-o list in Nova Scotia - if you could send this post to that list, it would be sincerely appreciated, for Jacques sake! The link to his information is at the Dartmouth SPCA's website at

So here's a short video -


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Great looking dog!
    Definitely full of a lot of energy.
    Hope he gets a great owner and home.
    Don`t know if this is of interest but you might want to list him on the Wallace(the Pit Bull) Community.
    Lot of agility/Disc people there.
    Someone might be interested in him or if you don`t want to join you could just contact Roo Yori to see if he might list him.
    The link to join is at top right.

  2. Anonymous12:13 PM

    He loves your dried liver, or more fondly known as puppy crack!

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Joan - can I post this and if I wanted to how would I do that? Thought if he was crossposted to NS Dogs then maybe someone would want him

    Janet and the Casbah Crew

  4. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I just posted the video to my Facebook profile.

  5. O my dawg - he is amazing! And you can just tell how smart he is & eager to please!
    I hope he gets an amazing home! Wouldn't he do great in agility?

  6. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Thanks for including the ratties Joan. Great shot of Emily.I had them at my place for the past couple of months. They are awesome girls.


  7. Anonymous9:19 PM

    the ratties have a home!