Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good article about Vick Dogs at Bark Magazine Website

I was at the Bark Magazine website tonight because I submitted a photo of Buttercup and Charlie in their ongoing "smiling dogs" contest (see photo at left) - and I noticed this article - I have every Bark magazine going back to probably 2001, but somehow I seem to miss some articles when I'm reading my magazines from cover to cover, and this seems to have been one of them. I'm glad I found it online - it did say one thing that I hadn't read before about the Vick dogs when it said -

"It was a dog fighting case, and a hoarding case, and a neglect case. Vick had amassed more dogs than he could fight or sell. The dogs spent deprived lives caged or chained to car axles in the woods."

I didn't realize that it was also a case of hoarding. That's interesting.

Anyway - here's the link to the article, I think these articles stay on line forever, so I don't need to copy it here =

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