Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buttercup is employee of the month!

I make liver and sell some of it to keep my own dogs with a sufficient supply of it, and this weekend I've been cooking some of it. I have had the flu since the middle of the week - and normally my father lives with me, but since I've been sick my Dad has high-tailed it back to his house so he doesn't come down with the flu cooties - usually when he's around, for some reason dogs aren't allowed on the table! But today since he wasn't around Buttercup got to sit in her spot to supervise what was going on. She knows she's not allowed to touch the liver on the cutting board or the dehydrator and is allowed to eat any pieces that fall off the cutting board.

This is a shot where everybody else is. Jackie stakes out below - he barks all the way through the cutting process - to keep everybody away, and to constantly remind me that he wants a piece. Daisy and Charlie just patiently wait until I throw them their requisite tithes. They are such good dogs.

I hope you will indulge me in another slideshow of the big dogs wrestling. They are so cute when they do it - I love it when Daisy's legs are sticking straight up in the air - and I never realized Charlie's mouth was so big - I think if he tried he could fit Daisy's whole head in his mouth. Maybe someday. I hope I get it on film when it happens -


  1. That second picture is definately frame-worthy!

    We love seeing pics & videos of your dogs - especially of them playing!

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    OMG! that is adorable! i love how they all have their assumed position, you must get such a kick. they are doing a fine job at supervising--i hope they all a little smackrel. ;-)


  3. JOan that is just way 2 cute!!!!

    YOU have the perfect employee there on your hands!