Monday, December 8, 2008

Valley Bull Dog Sends 3 to hospital in Stellarton

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Stellarton dog attack sends 3 to hospital
Last Updated: Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An eight-year-old boy is recovering from facial surgery after a dog mauling in Stellarton that injured two other people.

The boy suffered injuries to his face and head when the Valley bulldog lunged at him, his mother and another woman Monday afternoon.

Stellarton police said the boy and his mother had visited the home before and knew the dog.

This time, however, the dog attacked. Police said it's unclear what provoked it.

When Const. Chris Irving arrived, he could see and hear injured people inside a home but couldn't get out of the police vehicle because of the dog.

"He was growling, showing his teeth, barking. He wouldn't let me open the door. Every time I went to put the window down he was actually lunging at the window several times trying to get in," Irving said.

Irving said the victims were screaming as they leaned out a window. He could see blood on a towel.

Irving shot the dog, which allowed paramedics to get inside the home.

The boy suffered serious injuries to his head and face. He was taken to the IWK Health Centre in Halifax for treatment.

The 32-year-old dog owner suffered head injuries, while the boy's 31-year-old mother was bitten on the scalp. They were both treated at the hospital in New Glasgow.

Stellarton police said they had not received any calls or complaints about the dog.


Two adults, one child injured in dog attack in Stellarton, N.S.
Published Monday December 8th, 2008

STELLARTON, N.S. - Smart thinking by an eight-year-old boy prevented his dog from inflicting further damage on a friend the family pet began mauling in a sudden attack.

Police said the two boys were playing Monday with a Valley bulldog outside a Stellarton home when the animal turned on one of them. Hugh Muir, Stellarton's acting police chief, said that while the mothers of the boys were trying to get the dog off the boy, they sent the other boy into the house to call 911.

But Muir said the boy grabbed a piece of meat instead, brought it outside, and threw it to the far side of the lawn.

The dog was distracted by the meat long enough for the mothers to hustle the injured child into the house.

Muir said the first police officer on scene was unable to leave his vehicle because the dog was lunging at the door and window.

"He put the window down enough that the people in the home, they were screaming that the dog would have to be shot," said Muir.

"It distracted the dog enough so that he was able to get the door open. Then it came towards him again and he shot him."

The mauled boy was taken to hospital in Halifax, where it was expected he would need plastic surgery to repair serious injuries to his head and face.

The two mothers were also taken to an area hospital for treatment of injuries.

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