Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Little good news about the MacIsaac's Convictions

I had an email today from someone who was in the court room when the animal abusers Alice and Zonda MacIsaac's heard their conviction from the judge on Friday and what they were actually going to have to live with - so it's not as bad as we thought it was -

- Prohibition Order over 20 years:
- not allowed to have or work around animals in a commercial or volunteer way
- not allowed to have any animals at the “Celtic Pets”-Kennel
- only allowed to have the following personal pets:
Zonda currently owns 5 dogs. She is allowed to keep these 5 dogs until they die, after that she is only allowed to have one dog
- Alice is allowed to have the two dogs “Stuy” & “Missy” and the cat. After they die, she is only allowed to have one dog

The SPCA will take pictures of these personal pets and is allowed, any time, any place, to check & enter any residences and property of animal abusers Alice & Zonda to check on the pets-well-being. If Zonda & Alice do not allow access or interfere, they will lose the permission to keep personal pets.

So that's a little better than we thought yesterday - let's just hope they stay in Nova Scota so that they don't start accumulating pets again so that 40 dogs end up being in one house - because we all know that animal abuser Alice had 40 "pets" in her house previously that she acquired through various means previously - that was the problem.


  1. Much better to hear this news!

    I've had rescued dogs (still have one) that were not lovingly treated by those who were supposed to give them the best care possible, and it infuriates me. If those people couldn't manage ONE little dog, I cannot imagine how the MacIsaacs ever thought they could manage the multitudes of animals they had under their care (and obviously they couldn't).

    In rescue, you need to learn that it's okay to say NO. It's not our fault that negligent owners don't spay/neuter, don't socialize/train, and then surrender/abandon their pets when they are no longer young and cute. You can't save them all and you can only responsibly take in a reasonable number that one body is capable of caring for.

    I have to hope that the animals being returned to them will see a better quality of life from them in the future. Since they didn't have an outright ban of any animal, they need to show us that they truly do love their pets when they have a more manageable number!

    Sorry, this was long...

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    what about Zonda's cats??

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that they get to keep 'their pets' - its like saying HMMM you are a child molester - therefore we are going to give you a sentence of never working/volunteering at Girl Guides or Boy Scouts BUT - you can have your own children back -

    It's time to act and demand changes to the legislation that will never ever allow Alice and the Zonda's of the world to harbour any animal - so start writing folks to the Premier, Min. of Dept of Agri as well as the whole of the Law Amendments Committee....

    FURTHER - we need to notify all rescues and SPCA's across the country and let them have A&Z on a DO NOT ADOPT LIST...

  4. Mr. AfricanSunset6:52 PM

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