Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update on the Dog in the box thrown in the river

I was sent an article from the Cape Breton Post by Linda who had emailed the Cape Breton SPCA volunteering to foster the little dog she was so horrified by the story of the little guy. The SPCA had emailed her back (which actually amazes me that they did that) saying that they had been contacted by the dogs owner - and that the dog had been returned to them. His name is Toby.

Of course all of us - responsible dog owners - are wondering how this little dog got into the hands of a person or persons who would put him into a box and throw him into a creek. Obviously this dog was left unsupervised, either tied out or left out to run at large - but we also don't know the circumstances of his life and his owners life.

We can only hope that he isn't left in any conditions where this kind of experience can ever happen to him again.

As for who did it - one of the comments brilliantly googled the phrase on the box and came up with -

This is scary stuff. That sweet innocent dog. Have you googled Juggalo 4 life?

Check this out

That same picture from that box is in this youtube video.

(as a side note - it's weird, because I enjoy the music of Insane Clown Posse, but I certainly do not condone animal abuse... - and being a fan of them, I went through their songs and came up with a song "Another Love Song" - which is kind of eerie in how it represents what happened to Toby. You can click on - this link - to listen to it.

I think that probably the box existed before the idea of screwing the dog in there and dumping him - it probably belonged to some teenager - and the kids came along the dog and thought it would be a hoot to drown him - so they went and got a box they didn't care to own anymore - and put the 2 together. That's my theory anyway.

Here's the Cape Breton Post article

(the Cape Breton Post article is allowing comments - so you should click on the link if you want to go read them, some of them are pretty good/funny)

Dog ditched in box and thrown in water reunites with owner
The Cape Breton Post

SYDNEY — Toby the terrier, who was found inside a plywood box and left in a cold pond, has since been reunited with his owner.
Cape Breton SPCA animal cruelty investigator Ken Manning said the dog was found by two hunters in a wooden area of Edwardsville, Monday.
The dog was later recognized by his owner on a television news report and has since returned home.
A woman from Westmount had been searching for her pooch and was anxious to retrieve the dog Saturday morning, said Manning.
“She called right away. She doesn’t know how the dog got out, and she doesn’t know how someone could do it to her dog, but it is still being investigated,” Manning said.
The hunters told SPCA, they had heard crying sounds when they came across the box — and also thought they heard a splash.
A stick was used to lure the box out of the water, but the dog couldn't be freed as neither man had a screwdriver.
SPCA officials freed the dog and said the plywood box was very well-made.
Materials used were marked with a picture of a cartoon character, and writing in what looks like “Juggqzo for life”.
“If we do find out who did it, they could face charges under the Criminal Code of Canada, plus charges under the Nova Scotia Animal Protection Act,” said Manning.


  1. The video has sent chills up my spine (Great job on finding it)and I am so worried about that litte dog. I emailed the SPCA with the video info and told them they better check to see if the owner that picked him up has any teenage kids that might listen to that type of music. I am sick about the whole thing because I do not have any faith that the CBSPCA will do the right thing. I am going to call the RCMP on Monday morning to tell them to check out the video and see if the owner has any teenagers or neighbours that might listen to that music. I told them again that I will take the little dog if they do not want it. I wish I knew that the little dog is safe, but I have that pit in my stomach that tells me different.

  2. Anonymous9:21 PM

    This sounds very odd.
    How do they know the owner is not responsible for what happened to the dog in the first place?
    They could have hired someone to get rid of the dog.
    It could have been another family member who did it.
    Of course they`re going to claim the dog after seeing it on the news because if they don`t claim it,someone who knows them and who saw the dog on the news would report them.
    Why on earth would they just hand over the dog?
    Had this family reported this dog missing prior to it being found?

    I hope someone in a position of authority is going to do some home checks.

    This dog may just "escape" again.

  3. Something with this story just isn't sitting right. Until a complete investigation was completed, Toby should not have been returned.