Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dog locked in box, thrown into pond

At the bottom of the article the person from the Cape Breton SPCA/Animal Control said that the person who dumped the dog said that the person could have just brought the dog to the SPCA and they wouldn't have been turned away - unlike here at Metro where they don't take owner surrenders - that's one thing about Cape Breton (and why they have such a high intake) - they do take anything that comes through their doors. The problem with them is that they also kill almost everything that comes through their doors.

Dog locked in box, thrown into pond
Hunters in Cape Breton find pooch, turn him over to SPCA

There’s one lucky dog in Cape Breton right now.

A little terrier escaped a watery grave Monday, thanks to two hunters in the woods of Edwardsville.

"They thought they heard a splash and then they heard a dog cry, so they went over to this pond and there was a box in the pond," said Ken Manning, an animal cruelty investigator with the Cape Breton SPCA.

As the men got closer, "they could hear the dog, so they got a stick and they pulled the box out of the pond and then they called us."

The dog had already clawed and chewed a hole in the side of the plywood box when the hunters retrieved it from the water, Mr. Manning said. But the men couldn’t free the dog because the box was screwed shut and neither man had a screwdriver.

The SPCA, which also does animal control for Cape Breton Regional Municipality, picked up the dog in the box and took it to the shelter, where it was freed from its would-be coffin.

"He’s traumatized," Mr. Manning said of the pooch. "The first day or so, he was really scared and snappy but now he’s OK, you can pat him and everything and walk him on a leash."

The dog is a male, has white and grey wiry fur and a blue collar with no name tag. He stands 30 to 35 centimetres high and "weighs less than a bag of potatoes," Mr. Manning said.

The dog didn’t appear to be injured but was missing a bit of fur on his back, though that could be due to a flea allergy, he said.

The SPCA is now looking for anyone who knows the dog, its owner or the origin of the box. "The box is well-made," Mr. Manning said. "It’s done by someone that knows carpentry."

The plywood box was about 35 centimetres wide, 35 centimetres deep and 60 centimetres high. Grooves were cut into the plywood to ensure a tight fit at the corners. It also had some kind of character on the box, possibly Lisa Simpson from the cartoon The Simpsons.
It also had a word scrawled across the top. Mr. Manning, who was speaking from his Sydney home Friday night, said it meant "for life," and was possibly spelled "joggqom."

The two hunters who found the dog came by the Sydney shelter earlier this week to see how he was doing, Mr. Manning said.

The dog is not up on the shelter’s adoption floor, because he’s being held as evidence for the time being.

Those responsible for the pup could face charges under the Criminal Code for causing unnecessary suffering and further charges under the Nova Scotia Animal Protection Act. "This was done deliberately," Mr. Manning said. "And there was no need of it because the shelter is there. If they brought the animal in and they didn’t have any money to leave the animal, we wouldn’t refuse them."


  1. OMG.... what are these people thinking??? Where is their decency and compassion for life??

    There is something very wrong with these people. Hopefully they are found and held accountable for their actions. This was animal cruelty to the extreme!

  2. It is really hard to believe that there are people that cruel in this world. This poor little dog deserves nothing but unconditional love,the same love that I am sure he provided. Humans have so much to learn. I e-mailed Cape Breton SPCA and told them I would foster this poor litte dog and what really scared me is they replied back saying they found the owner. I told them that I hope they are checking whether or not the owner is and was responsible and why wasn't the dog reported missing. I also told them to tell the owner that if they do not want the dog to call me. It frightens me because I know the history of CBSPCA. I am also going to advertise the logo on the box everywhere I can, someone should recognize it. This little dog has suffered enough now its time for the people who did this to suffer the consequences. Human kind scares me.

    Linda K.

  3. Anonymous12:08 PM

    [quote]could face charges[/quote]


    They should be put in a box and dumped in a large body of water.
    Hopefully no hunters one will hear their cries for help.

    What s sick deranged individual.

  4. Anonymous12:28 PM

    As for the article that Ken Manning said they "wouldn't refuse them" even if they didn't have the money - BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!! And if they did have the money, they would say, "oh we'll take him but we will put him down" hence deterring the person from leaving the dog. PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG THE ASSHOLES WHO DID THIS NEED TO CHARGED AND CHARGED HEAVY AS IT WAS DELIBERATE. My point is that the CBSPCA are trying to step up and look like they would have done something to help when they would not have! HOWEVER, there is absolutely no excuse on this earth as to why any humane bastard would do this to a living breathing animal...and he certainly looks like a darling.

  5. The latest bit in the CB Post is that the dog, named Toby, has been returned to his owner. WTF

  6. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Joan: What would be the maximum in NS for this. In other areas it's often not worth the expense to persue.RG

  7. Anonymous3:26 PM

    That poor sweet pup, the pereson that did this is sick

  8. Anonymous3:34 PM

    This is scary stuff. That sweet innocent dog. Have you googled Juggalo 4 life?

    Check this out

    That same picture from that box is in this youtube video.

  9. Am I reading this right? He was returned to the owner? The same person who did this?

    That can't be!

  10. Corinne Reid6:15 PM

    The Cape Breton S.P.C.A. is a joke!
    Funny,I was told when I was dealing with them in Po's case,that the officer on television last night with "Toby",only likes dealing with high profile cases.Guess he thinks it makes him look good to the public when his mug is on T.V. with an abused animal.He has no compassion in my opinion and should not be with the S.PC.A. at all.I'm not the only person who feels this way about him,a few people have had the same experience with him.If they do find out who put Toby in the box,nothing will be done anyway!