Monday, November 24, 2008

Cute big dog photos, a great article, and some updates

I got a couple great photos of the big dogs tonight - these are of Charlie getting some liver - here's he's looking at the treat - saying - "HELL YES I WANT THAT TREAT!!!"
Here Charlie is saying "don't put that treat where I can't see it!"
And here's the money shot - him going in for the kill - he's got the treat - he's a happy boy now...
Now here's Daisy - I am working on my lap top - and this is what I have laying beside me taking up most of the love seat we're sitting on - her on her back completely splayed out - Daisy is completely one huge pile of "Id"
"Oh yeah - I am all about getting my underside scratched for as long as possible - you only need one hand to operate that computer, don't you?"

So on to the updates - Zonda MacIsaac was in court today - for what? We don't know - she didn't enter a plea - the Hawk 101 radio station put out a news release saying -
A Port Hastings woman facing animal cruelty charges will be in court next month to enter a plea.

Zonda MacIsaac, the former operator of Celtic Pets rescue shelter in West Bay Road, wasn't present in Port Hawkesbury provincial court Monday morning.

She's due back in court on December 8th to enter a plea.

MacIsaac was charged following a raid on the shelter in February.

The SPCA seized more than 90 cats and dogs during the raid.

So we will wait until December 8th for the next stage in her drama - her mother goes to court December 4th to start her trial (we hope).

In another case - the Chapmans - the puppymillers up in northern New Brunswick who are also up on animal cruelty charges and unrelated to their current charges killed 175 of their dogs and no one seems to have cared or noticed - are going to court for their own trial on November 28th - so we'll keep our eyes on that too.

If you had tried to watch the documentary "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" from my blog post "You Do it to Yourself" and had found that the links didn't work - I found new links that currently DO work - so go back to the post and try them again so you can watch the documentary in it's entirety so you can have your own viewpoint on the situation.

I was reading the latest issue of Bark magazine today and I was so happy to read an article called "Breaking the Chain" and it was all about anti-tethering legislation - and it featured the organization "Dogs Deserve Better" - which is a group that I've been involved with since 2003 - it got me to thinking that maybe I should get some shit together and see if some things could be added to Bill 186 about anti-tethering stuff. That would be a really good idea I think. That would be really good. I put the article on my server so everyone could read it because I couldn't find it online anywhere. It's currently at

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  1. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Here is what you don't realize. With regard to the Chapman's killing 175 dogs, you're right, no LEGAL entity cares - do you know why????? Because IF you destroy your own property, which they did, you are not doing anything unlawful! Morally wrong in the eyes of some, yes, legally NO. So, IF the Mac Isaac's had taken all those animals that no body wanted or didn't have a place to go and SHOT them, GASSED them or some other means of destroying them, there would be no waiting for pleas or trials or anything else. The SPCA destroys other people's property and they may even destroy a dog that the owner is spending lots of $$$$$$$$$ to fight to get her back BUT they aren't held accountable. SO, ask yourself who stands up for what in this province? The little dogs that the guy in NB hit with the hammer and killed, the only reason he got in trouble is because ONE survived! The old SPCA manuals used to SHow WITH DRAWN ILLUSTRATIONS, THE PROPER WAY TO SHOOT AN ANIMAL TO DESTROY IT.
    Do you really think the SPCA is going to step up and try to stop people, municipalities or otherwise from shooting or destroying their property? Think again, they are no better. IF what the Chapman's did is so terrible, why is it that NO ONE, especially the SPCA has spoken up?????? If the MacIsaac's had SHOT (as per the proper procedure by the SPCA) all the animals, it would have been cheaper, less trouble and heartache for them and for the animals SO, jump in any time with the SOLUTION. There are some who don't know all the facts BUT think they do! THINK AGAIN. As for the Chapman's dead dogs, the dogs they destroyed, NO BIG DEAL in the eyes of the LAW OR THE SPCA - pretty pathetic eh?