Sunday, October 5, 2008

Star Nosed Mole

Today on our walk in the woods Buttercup found this dead animal that she was trying to roll on, and I was like "whoa - what in the hell is this?" - I've of course never seen anything like this before. It looked like a mole to me from watching cartoons and stuff - but I've never seen a mouth like this - it looks like a bristle nose pleco to me! They certainly don't make any moles in cartoons that look like this! It wouldn't be soft and fuzzy for sure!

So I came home and googled "mole" and found out what it is - it's a "star nosed mole" - and the weird thing is - Buttercup found TWO of them in different sections of the woods. We never see them once in our life - and suddenly we find 2 of them dead in one day. That was weird.

I didn't have my nice cameras with me - only my camera phone, so I didn't get any clear photos - and the one thing I was trying to get a clear shot of - his mouth, is the fuzziest thing because I was trying to get close up to that - but of course my phone doesn't have like a macro function, and my vision isn't good enough to be able to tell what kind of photos I'm taking when I'm taking them. So these ass-crap photos will have to do to explain our adventure today.

A nice shot of Charlie and Buttercup though - being very good while I'm taking photo after photo of the dead star nosed mole.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    you've never seen? lol--- there are lots around---they are quite blind too i think-- i might be wrong--cute aren't they!

  2. I showed it to Eldrick who knew right away what it was - very common in the south shore apparently. I've never seen them before either! I've only seen the little ones that are about the size of mice, with the long pointy noses.

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    OK, time for the moles to go see Jesus. I'm tired of seeing their dead little faces every time I check the site *LOL*