Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am SO Happy!

I just had the comment left on my previous post - "OK, time for the moles to go see Jesus. I'm tired of seeing their dead little faces every time I check the site *LOL* " - so I think it's been a bit too long since I wrote something!! haha!

But today (for me) - I have great news to post.
Charlie's littermate (and sister) who's been over at the Dartmouth SPCA shelter has been adopted! I was over there today and found out that a successful application was put in on her - so I am super happy that she's going to be going home to a wonderful family soon.
I went in there today and there was a "NLA" on her photo - and there were "NLA"s on several photos - and I asked the receptionist what that meant - and she said "it means they are no longer available" - it means they have got successful applications on them and they've been adopted - "we've had a great week for adoptions".

And I have to wonder - in the last week - they've really been using their Petfinder site - I wonder if that has anything to do with their increase in adoption luck. And if it has - I really hope they continue to post more and more of the dogs they have at the shelter so that they give the dogs and cats there the great exposure that Petfinder really does give them - it was only one week that a 10 year old mixed breed, shy, diminuitive, dog like Sarah was on Petfinder - and she found an awesome home. I am SO happy!

I left my contact information in hopes that her new owners will contact me so that we can stay in touch - I have kept in contact with so many other littermates - it would be amazing to stay in contact with her too. I hope they do contact me. She is just so beautiful. They are SO lucky.

And it seems like the NS SPCA is on an upward spiral - that is wonderful too!


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Yeah! No dead moles! (thanks Joan).

    Also, FANTASTIC news about Sara and the other dogs who've been adopted! I hope the arse that wrote a nasty comment to Old Maid on her homeless pet blog will write back to say she's sorry (yeah, right). I truly believe the work by people like her and you isreally making a difference in getting shelters to do a better job of being advocates for the animals in their care. NO, not all of them (sadly) but some at least.

    Yeah Sara!

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    thats great shes getting adopted but I doubt they will pass your information on, you know what they are like