Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NS SPCA Press Conference Today

Today the new PR board members of the NS SPCA had their first press conference - and I went with my little camera and taped it, you can watch it below.

After they read their apology to the members who had their memberships revoked (myself being one of them) and then specifically said about me that my dog Jack was legally adopted from Animal Rescue Coalitions - the camera work gets a bit shakier than usual - because I have to admit - I got teary eyed. I didn't think I would, but I guess the strain all these months of the goings on and the threats of the cruelty investigators coming and taking Jack away - and knowing now that they've officially acknowledged that they're not going to do that - really hit me at the press conference. It may also have been because I had 4 hours of sleep because I also had a meeting this morning with Mayor Peter Kelly about bylaw A300 and I was getting ready for that - but that's another post.

So anyway - here's the video of the press conference -


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Nice Joan! Were you generally happy with what you heard today? They certainly seemed to have listened to people's complaints and made positive changes. Was there any media there today?

  2. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Thanks for posting that Joan! And I was glad to here the apology for you guys - a step in the right direction for sure.

  3. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Thanks for taping this Joan and nice to see you today and congrats on Jack.

    Sean gave me a little interview which was much appreciated and you can find it here: under Woof in the on demand library.

    ang & nelly

  4. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Yeah Joan - I am sure that the pressure of the threat of taking Jack away was a huge burden and I was more than happy that they finally said in PUBLIC that you LEGALLY own Jack - I think the new members of the BOD are making the changes that are needed to get teh SPCA back on track - it may take longer than we want but thank DOG its coming - Janet

  5. Anonymous7:57 AM


    Being at the press conference, the apology including Jackie was about the best part of the press conference!

    It tells me the new board does recognize the wrongs of the past and how disturbing and distressing they have been.

    I really think this new board gives us all hope for the animals. We need to give them time as they are virtually starting from scratch to rebuild the society.

    I hope you blog about your morning yesterday too.

    Thanks for all you do! Your digilence and voice are so much a part of being able to bring this change forward.

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Did you film the questions too?

  7. No I didn't film the questions, but I know that a Board member filmed the whole press conference - so I wonder if maybe they might be planning on putting the event on their website, or even a transcript on their site. The questions that were asked were pretty basic from what I can remember.