Thursday, October 2, 2008

A bunch of upcoming dog events

There's a bunch of upcoming dog events that need to be posted - so I'm going to do them all at once -

This coming Saturday is Saint Francis of Assisi day I hear - and several churches are having blessing of the Animal ceremonies outside their churches - a coworker told me there's a church near where she lives that's having one, and then she never got back to me - but I know for sure that the Catholic Church on the corner of Oxford and Jubilee Road is having a service outside their church at 12pm on Saturday for any animal you want to bring with you - and they even say on their marquee that non-catholic pets are welcome! haha! Isn't that swell of them!

Francesca Rogier is going to have a candlelight vigil outside the Metro Dartmouth SPCA at Scarfe Court in Dartmouth on Saturday night at 7pm for the dogs inside the shelter for the Feast for St. Francis of Assisi - you can find out more information on her blog at

On Sunday October 5th Lab Rescue of Nova Scotia is hosting a halloween party for all dogs who want to come at Seaview Park in Halifax from 12-3 pm. They're going to have fun stuff to do and prizes to give away, and it sounds like it's going to be a fun time for all - and Seaview Park is an official off leash park - so it'll be an offleash fun time for all! Yea! They'll be doing microchipping for $30 with proceeds going to lab rescue - so if you've been thinking about having this done for your dog - you should get it done then - no muss, no fuss!

There's going to be an event protesting Gail Benoit! But it's going to be down in Digby where she lives - I get lost going to Dartmouth - so I don't know if I'll go - but I hope a lot of people show up to it, because that's where she actually lives - so it'll be good if a ton of people show up - there is actually a Facebook group now that has 1,688 members that's a protest group against Gail Benoit at

Date: Saturday, October 11th, 2008 @ 1pm
Location: Digby, Nova Scotia (Waterfront by Cannons & flagpole)
Whos Invited: Everyone who truly believes that Benoits actions should be stopped!

A public protest will be held on Saturday, October 11th @ 1pm. Gail Benoit is going to trial on October 24th, 2008 on two counts of animal abuse. Strangely enough Gail Benoit is still selling sick puppies.

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  1. I see on the Facebook site - there is a carpool being organized, if you wish to catch a ride to Digby. :)