Thursday, October 2, 2008

Charlie's sister is at the Dartmouth SPCA

I said last night I was convinced that Charlie's littermate had been at Animal Control and had then moved over the the SPCA. I was right, but I was wrong about the fact that it had been the dog who was the shepherd collie mix on Petfinder without the photo. She's been in the back rooms all this time.

It was September 6th that I saw her on the Animal Control website - I don't know how long they keep the dogs - but today is October 2nd, and today was the first day she's been available for adoption.
There's no doubt she's a littermate. She's a mirror photo of all the other littermates. She's tiny - really skinny - about the same size as Leonard for all you who know Charlie's brothers and sisters - almost 1/2 the size of Charlie. But she's beautiful. They've named her Sarah.

She's completely withdrawn though - she didn't even want to leave her kennel when the shelter worker went to take her out of her cage so I could take her out, and she didn't acknowledge me once when I had her out, and I had her out for a good 20-30 minutes. No eye contact at all.
I worry that is going to make her hard to adopt. I hope someone is going to take a chance on her.

But I'm sure she's as perfect as her brothers and sister's Charlie, Leonard, Solie, Conrad, Zorro, Philip, Beethoven, and the unnamed female that was at the SPCA when Charlie and Solie were there. So much for back yard breeders being good places to get a puppy - almost all of the litter Charlie came from has filtered through the SPCA at one point in their life.

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  1. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Ahhhh, she has such sad eyes. Breaks my heart. Thank you for visiting her Joan. I hope she finds a kind home for her remaining years.