Friday, September 26, 2008

Milk thistle gone bad

When we went for our walk tonight I noticed that the milk thistle that I had fallen so in love with has taken on a very ugly ending - it's like dandelions at the end of their life - all white floaty things just wanting to stick to you and make a mess - except bigger and taller. I'll just have to remember when it was beautiful and purple and a nice looking cactus.
I didn't take any of my nice cameras with me tonight - just my camera phone - which takes interesting, albeit blurry photos because unbenownst to most - I am the world's worst shaker. Even when I'm completely calm I look like I think I'm about to go on stage at Carnegie Hall - so that's always been a huge impediment to taking good photos - probably why I've thought that if I had an expensive camera - I might somehow be able to get clear shots. It still hasn't happened though.
This is Buttercup having a good roll on "something".
Jack is saying "I just peed on that stump and I'm pretty happy about it!"
This is Buttercup in her basket - since her legs still don't let her work really well we usually drive to our walking place - but tonight I decided we'd walk there - and I put her in her carrying basket that I use for her and walked the other 3 dogs there - and I think she was pissed off about it! When I did put her down when we got to the woods, for the first full 5 minutes she did nothing but bark and run around and cry like as if she was trying to prove a point. But at the end of the walk when I said to her "do you want me to pick you up?" She sat right down like she does when she wants me to pick her up - so she wasn't too proud at the end to be carried home! Poor Buttercup - being 91 years old in dog years is hard on a princess.

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