Thursday, September 11, 2008

A couple funny photos + upcoming good classes

No photo - but stolen from TRURO BACKYARD LAST SATURDAY!!!!

Stolen from their parents yard in Truro N.S on Saturday September 6th. His name is Dakota. He is a 9 week old black lab with no markings. However he does have two small moles under the skin on his snout. He should be about 12-13 Lbs (That's his brothers weight) He was 10.4 Lbs when he was stolen.He was last seen wearing a black collar with white pawprints on it and a black leash. . The police, animal control, vets and radio have all been contacted and ads have been posted EVERYWHERE.

Silvia Jay - the best dog trainer in Nova Scotia - will be instructing an eight-week, sixteen hour Community Education & Partnership Lecture Series through the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board. The Course is called "Understanding your Dog"

The outline is:
The Socially Evolved Canine
The Emotional Dog - Understanding Fear and Stress
The Alpha Myth - What Dominance Really Means
The Art of Mindful Leadership
How Dogs Learn
24/7 Dog - Incorporating Training into Every Day Life

If Time Allows: Nutrition, Hormones and Brain Chemicals and Q&A period.

Location: Truro Junior High School - Tuesdays September 30 - November 25
6.30 - 8.30 PM - you can get more info by emailing

Another great trainer, Jackie McGowan - offeres online courses - and she's got one starting on September 22nd - called "Looking, listening, and learning from dogs" - she lives out in Mount Uniacke and also offers one on one training. She's also an awesome positive trainer - I've signed up for her online course, and I'm looking forward to it!

And one last thing - can you believe this dog? Can this position be comfortable? He's like hanging right off the edge of the couch - just about ready to fall right off? Old men are so funny!

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