Monday, September 1, 2008

A comment left on my blog about Animal Control

A comment was left on my blog about my post about Animal Control tonight:

Congratulations HRM Animal Control, you have successfully made yourself the next target of the now battle-hardened veterans of the war against the SPCA president and past president. They won that war you know.

Consider yourself under close scrutiny.

In 2005 - when the SPCA still had their contract for Animal Control - I put a little blurb on my website where I said "have you been treated unfairly by Animal Control? If you have had a bad experience with the Animal Control Department in the Halifax Regional Municipality - email me at" - and I did get a few emails with some good stories.

And as it turned out - the SPCA lost their contract because of the level of service they were providing to the City.

And now 3 years later - on the surface it seems the Animal Control is having problems once again with the way they are dealing with their case load - how they are deal with some of their protocols.

Is there an expiration date on common sense and good practice? I hope not. But really, it's not looking good.

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