Sunday, August 17, 2008

WOW - now here's a pretty flower!

We were just up in the woods walking - now today is a hot summer day. The dogs had fun though, with the rain the last couple of days there's lots of raccoon urine drenched puddles to drink out of - so they were able to keep hydrated. But I noticed a flower I hadn't noticed before - and it was coming out of a flower I've seen forever.
It's like as if the flower is a caterpillar and this flower is the butterfly - the former flower is a white wide bloomed kind of ugly thing that is everywhere - and it's now closing up and turning green and turning into the neatest cactusy thing and the blossom on it is purple and it's gorgeous! I had to take a bunch of photos of it. And of course several of the dogs because it was such a nice day.

But I didn't know we had a cactus type flower native to Nova Scotia. It's very neat!

A couple more birthday photos of Buttercup being cute. It's pretty impossible for her not to be, really.


  1. ohhh, I love Thistles! There are 200 different species in North America.

    I took my camera on a walk with me the other day to specifically take pictures of the huge thistle plant on the Trans Canada Trail near my house. They grow all over my yard, but this one was just do big and beautiful! The bees LOVE them :)

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  3. aren't those the type you can pull out and suck - they're sweet like a honeysuckle?

  4. Lisa - how's about I bring one to your house and YOU can suck one! hahahaha! I think those are those purple thingees - aren't they called "heather"?

    These thistles - as we now know they're called - are full of spines - you'd lose your tongue pretty fast - but maybe if you kept your finger after puling out the flower bits it'd be okay.


  5. alright, alright, you've made your point, lol! I'm less knowledgeable about flowers than you are. I must be thinking of the purple clovers...