Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NS SPCA Seeking positions for Education Committees

Mary Hill - who is the head of the Education Committees sent out an email soliciting people for various positions on Education Committees - so I thought I'd post here what she's looking for - because I think what they're trying to do is really important to the success of any initiatives for moving forward with the Society - I've put the pdf that Mary talks about on my server - its at http://dogkisser.ca/EducationPositions.pdf so that you can download it - and you can then apply for whatever you'd like to directly to her - and feel free to crosspost this as you'd like! There is a deadline of September 5th, 2008

This email is addressed to people who had expressed an interest in the Nova Scotia SPCA Education Committee either by signing up via the Yahoo Group or by contacting us directly. If you wished to be removed from this contact list, please reply to let me know.

Over the past several weeks, it has become clear that the Education Committee needs to become more effective and timely at meeting the need for educating the public and pet owners about animal care and animal welfare issues. The scope of the committee's mandate and it's provincial reach are quite unique in the organization and, other than the HR Committee, it is the only committee that is not supported by paid staff.

To that end, I have developed a new structure for the committee so that it will function more like the Fundraising Committee, with clearly defined volunteer roles and co-Chairs or project leads who take responsibility for large projects. The online Yahoo Group will be discontinued in favour of project or program-oriented working teams who will direct, develop and implement initiatives.

In the attached document, I've outlined the key roles that need to be filled, and those that have already been filled by existing committee members. In particular, we are looking for a co-chair to lead the development of a humane education program for children and youth; coordinate the presence of the Nova Scotia SPCA at public events to educate and raise public awareness about the organization and animal welfare issues; develop and respond to new opportunities for outreach; recruit and coordinate volunteers; and more.

In my role as Chair – Content Creation, I will be able to better focus my own skills where they will have the most benefit, and will work closely with the Chair – Outreach to develop print and digital material to support outreach activities. In addition to the co-chair position, we are also seeking a Funding Support Officer and several Committee Members.

I encourage you to review the attached and consider the positions for yourself, and pass this message along to anyone else you know who may be interested. The deadline for expressions of interest is September 5th, with the first quarterly committee meeting to take place in the fall. The positions are also posted on the Nova Scotia SPCA website (www.spcans.ca) along with several other volunteer and paid positions for which we are currently recruiting.

Best wishes,

Mary Hill
Nova Scotia SPCA
Secretary, Board of Directors
Chair, Education Committee

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  1. Hi Joan,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great information, especially that on the off-leash parks and dog-friendly shopping!

    Myself and another Halifax dachshund owner have just started a blog with eight others frmo around the world. We're hoping to throw in a local perspective every now and then! Dog bloggers unite :)