Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've updated my "Gail Benoit" page

For those of you who don't know - I have a web page dedicated to Gail Benoit at - where I've tried to compile as much information as I could find when I've sussed it out so that people can read as much as they can about Gail and her partner Dana Bailey.

It is SO unfortunate that people only Google them AFTER they've bought dead puppies from them - even in today's newspaper article the person said they only looked up their names after they'd been in their truck and looked into the eyes of a dying puppy.

I updated the page tonight and added some links and some information - Kijiji postings of their ads that I had grabbed cached versions of them prior to their disappearing, a couple of newspaper articles, and some things we've learned in the last couple of weeks.

As I get more information and more articles - I'll keep adding it there.

They of course are only 2 people - and if they disappear something else will come up to replace them - but their business practices have been just SO unsavoury - they have treated the animals in their care over the years SO poorly - that I don't think there's too many people who could do their job as poorly as they could.

There's puppy mill brokers - and then there's animal abusers. There is no fluff-n-stuff happiness stories with these puppy mill brokers. It's all bad.

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  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    A thought on Kijiji. Perhaps if we can't beat 'em, maybe we should join them. I've noticed some rescues now post with Kijiji with photos and a note to contact the shelter/rescue, perhaps we should start using this resource as well. I try not to look on there as it puts me in a miserable depressed mood seeing some of the ads, but perhaps it can be put to good use. People are on there looking and there are some good homes that might come our way instead of a puppymillers.