Sunday, August 10, 2008

I have been having a lot of fun with my new blackberry phone - it's got a camera in it, and it's taking pretty good photos.
These photos were taking with the phone at my Dad's cottage tonight.
For some reason my dogs like to roll - Buttercup especially likes to roll around - I've been documenting it for years on this blog - I've caught them rolling in the wintertime at Crystal Crescent Beach, rolling on dead seals at Conrad's Beach - that was an especially stinky trip home - but the dogs were pretty happy.
Rolling in seaweed, and then some of Buttercup's favourite things to roll in - soot, and shit.
And then of course there's the fabulous photo of Daisy that I use as my profile picture that is her rolling on a dead bird that I took at Conrad's Beach - she is just SO happy to be rolling on that dead seagull. She was SO happy to be doing that. That was a moment to savour.
And so was this moment to today watching Buttercup roll on this couch. She loves that couch.

I think this may be the creepiest photo I've ever taken - this is Daisy. She looks like the devil. But she's definitely not!

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  1. Only a true dog lover delights in watching the pooch roll in 'yummy' dead things.