Sunday, July 6, 2008


I had this comment on my post "More Dead Celtic Pet Dog(s) at the Dartmouth SPCA":

"First Joan I am not replying to any of your posts on Kijiji because for one, no matter what anyone says you turn it around...or will have my replies deleted like last time because you didnt like what I had to say. And please post this because it seems the only thing you like to post on your blog is comments of people who think like you! Oh and PS...remove Katie's picture before you look even more foolish when she's adopted!"

So #1 I'm confused because I don't know what the poster means about me turning people's posts around on Kijiji - I figure I'm just having conversations with people over there. And I don't know how I could be having people's posts over there deleted - unless this person means I'm deleted her posts here, which means that it's either "I Love my Animals" or "All God's Creatures" who posts over on Kijiji - they'll have to forgive me because for some reason I cannot tell them or their posts apart.

I'm not going to comment about the part of her comment where she says I only put comments here that I agree with - I've talked about that here before - if someone was speaking ill of you - would you publish it? This blog is called "Me and My Dogs" for a reason! haha!

On to the 2nd part of the comment -

"Oh and PS...remove Katie's picture before you look even more foolish when she's adopted!"

That's interesting.

Here's a photo of Katie. you can go back to the original post I made reporting the one confirmed dead dog, and possible THREE dead dogs that show the three photos and see if this picture of the actual Katie matches up to one of those photos.

I got this actual photo of Katie from a friend of mine that I emailed after I got the above comment and questioned whether maybe I was wrong about the original photos I was emailed after the killings. My friend who knows Katie - and we all agree - I agree, my friend agrees, and the above commenter - ALL AGREE - that Katie is still alive (thank dog) - and is on the adoption floor - and is going to go to a wonderful home and have a wonderful life.

But what we disagree on is whether she is also one of those dogs I posted as a dead dog.

On another note - there was an article in the Chronicle Herald today about the upcoming adoptathon and how adoptions have been down and that the Dartmouth shelter has 230 cats and 40 dogs available for adoption. That's a lot of animals. The first paragraph of the article reads - "The SPCA’s metro shelter is opening its doors next weekend to show the organization has nothing to hide but does have a lot of animals that need a home." I have no idea why everything the NS SPCA puts out in the last 6 months has something like that somewhere in there. Sounds almost like they have something to hide.

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  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    The NSSPCA apologists who post on kijiji have zero credibility. They take snipes at you or others who wonder about the killed dogs, but don't have the balls to correct the information.

    They circle the wagons and make snide innuendos.

    Nothing to hide my ass.