Sunday, July 6, 2008

A quiet weekend on the computer means...

A quiet weekend on the computer in my house usually means a weekend spent at the Emergency Clinic in Dartmouth. This weekend it was with Jackie. He currently doesn't have very much vision because he somehow scratched the cornea of the eye that he does have some vision in and he's developed an ulcer in it.
He must have done it yesterday when we were at my Dad's cottage - these 2 photos were when we were at the Emergency Clinic yesterday - it all happened in a couple of hours that he went from being his normal self to lethargic, yellow puss coming from his eye, his eyeball had shrunken back into his eye socket - he was a mess. I didn't want to take any chances at all - so off to Emergency we went. And it's lucky we did - because he has a scratch about 4mm's long right in the middle of his good eye. I got 2 different kinds of drops to give him 3 times a day - and I also bought a muzzle so I can actually get the drops in.

Don't these 2 photos look sad? Well that's how sad he was acting - it was awful. He was not himself, that's for sure - and that's how I know how serious it was. Today his eye had bulged back out a bit - but it had gone all cloudy - which almost scared me even more - so we went back over to the Clinic - and this time Buttercup wouldn't let me leave without her.

Although once we got to our intended destination - I don't know that she wished she would've stayed at home!
Jackie however knew what was going on. The vet though said that the cloudiness was part of the healing process. I hope that's what is happening - she did give me some tramadol for the pain - I'm not sure if it's for Jackie's pain or for mine - but I'm going to give it to him just in case. But I think he's in quite a bit of discomfort.

I'm happy to report though that this afternoon I was able to get drops in his eye without putting a muzzle on - so that to me is wonderful - I hate to do anything aversive whatsoever - so a muzzle is horrible for me. But sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. I don't mind being bit - but if he won't stop moving his mouth - I can't very well get the drops in - hence the muzzle.
Even at the end Buttercup wasn't convinced that we weren't there to do some evil deed upon her - wait until TOMORROW Buttercup....While we were there we met a pre-cocious little bernese mountain puppy named Bailey who had swallowed some fishing line and was in to get it flushed out - it was about to get to be a very expensive fishing trip!
This is one of the resident Clinic cats - Sophie - is this not the cutest thing in the world?Here is Jackie back home. I hope this all turns out okay, to say I am worried is an understatement. When you've only got one eye - and on a good day it's not that good - to injure it is a big deal.

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  1. awww what a sin for poor Jack - speedy recovery for you little fella!

    Joan - you can come over for a beer or something anytime - sounds like you need one these days - my treat!