Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buttercup gets her stitches out

Buttercup went and got her stitches out tonight and while we were there we met Daisy
She was just adopted yesterday from the Dartmouth SPCA and was in for her 48 hour vet check
She had the most interesting face - she's got a canine sibling at home that she's going to have a great life with and her human family obviously cares about her - when I saw a whole bunch of people tumble out of a car - I said to myself - what is up with that! And then this dog got out of the car - and I thought to myself - that is one lucky dog!
This is Buttercup undergoing the horrible procedure of having those horrible stitches plucked from her knee
And this is her trying to escape into the netherworld of wherever she was right thenShe was certainly glad to be home and back in her basket
Daisy was very interested in playing after having seen Buttercup go out all by herself with the main source of the food
And Jackie was wondering when I was going back into the kitchen so I could give him another slice of processed cheese
And Charlie was just glad that everyone was okay.

On another note - Granny's Journal has a great post about the Companion Animal Protection Society up in the Valley - she was up to visit them and was really impressed with their operation and by the sounds of it - it could be a template for shelters in lots of places in Nova Scotia....... enough said...... - you should go read her post -

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  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Hey Joan,

    Glad Buttercup is at the end of this ordeal!!! Poor thing. She really has been through it!

    Thanks for reporting on Daisy! What great news!

    Also, great link to a great website!