Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shit Patch Grooming Emergency

If you've come here today because you heard there was a Board of Director's meeting last night at the NS SPCA and you were hoping that there was some movement in the management of the organization - you can forget about it. Nothing is going to change there. The will for change at the executive level is non-existent. Business will continue on unabated. Excuses will be proferred, animals will continue to be put in gas chambers, termperament tests will continue to be done by - who? and are they? Rescue groups will be worked with so that cages can be freed up - and especially, breed specific rescues - in what way? Oh right.... that's only in my head. But I digress - since none of this matters and none of it is happening - I'm going to talk about the patch of shit that's been growing on Jack's ass and had to be taken care of today....

Jack has a very unfortunate pattern of hair growth around his butt - and he's only about 2 weeks away from his next groom, and I think he's had some loose stool the last week or so - so he's had a bunch of shit pile up around his ass hole - and today it became too much for him - he's been going around trying to scratch his butt, which he can't - because his body is too long and he can't reach it - so he's been very unhappy - so we had a grooming emergency.

Luckily Kathleen at Tailwagrrr's agreed to spend a couple minutes shaving off poor Jack's shit patch - she also cut his nails too.
I can say pretty easily that he was pretty unhappy with both events.

Buttercup though was pretty happy that these things were happening to HIM and not HER - haha!
While we were there we picked up a copy of the newest local animal magazine to come out - "Pet Country" - which actually looks and reads very well - I thought it was very well done - I'm looking forward to the next issue, and hope that it becomes available for subscription like Furry's Halifax has become - so I can support it.
Buttercup was being exceptionally cute this afternoon. But really, she's exceptionally cute every moment of every day.


  1. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Can we get an emergency shit patch removal of the NS SPCA board?

  2. Anonymous11:08 PM

    lol..here here!

  3. Anonymous8:20 AM

    One of my dogs was prone to shit patches, something about the terrier type fur. I would check his butt daily and if it was clean he would get a belly rub and a cookie, if I found any "clingons" or other messes I would just say "oh oh.. dirty bum" and he would run up the stairs and hop in the tub. *L* I had an extending shower hose and would clean him up. He LOVED it. *L* You would almost think he tried for dirty just to get the butt shower..

  4. My late pup Duncan had his own shit patch in a way. After he was born and his tail docked, there was an accident of some sort in which his screw tail got broke, and it fused tight to his bottom. He therefore didn't have that tail pump to help squeeze out that last drop of poop.

    When he came inside the house, I would call him "let's wipe your bum" and he'd come into the washroom with me to get wiped. :D

    LOL at the first comment posted here, hee hee!