Friday, June 6, 2008

Further on my off-leash diatribe

I got some emails that people didn't understand what I was so upset about - it seems that people still don't realize that the City is threatening to close down Point Pleasant Park and Seaview Park - which they made very clear in the reports they released at the beginning of May.

I went to the City's website tonight, and I can't find any links to the report anymore (very convenient for them) - but I found the direct links anyway - the links to all the reports published at the beginning of May are:

In those reports they very clearly state that they may "invoke section 3.4 of the Strategy" and close down both Seaview and Point Pleasant Park to dog activities.

Specifically in the Point Pleasant Park report it says:

"If, after an additional month of monitoring, it appears that dog waste is a chronic problem the Committee may decide to consider revoking dog related privileges in the Park by invoking Section 3.4 of the Strategy"

In an email I sent tonight to a City Councillor I said:

"I went to the off leash strategy sessions last year - and it was my understanding that Point Pleasant Park and Seaview Park were NOT part of the pilot areas - so why are they now subject to being closed? I think this is abolutely wrong, but the reports very clearly state that they might close these 2 parks. I think they are actually threatening us dog owners, - and as a tax payer - I don't like to be threatened.

And if I'm going to be threatened, I want a venue to air my concerns. And City Planning is not giving me a venue by not offering me a public strategy session like they're having for the other parks."

Maybe no one else in this Municipality feels about off-leash exercise like I do, but I hope some people do and speak up about Point Pleasant Park and Seaview Park - and do it now.

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