Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big Dead Pig at Curly's Portables

I went for supper up at Curly's Portables in Enfield with some friends tonight - and they have a very large stuffed wild pig on display there that was supposed to have been killed at the turn of the century.
His name is Cuddles. I've had 2 cats named Cuddles - and one of them was also black. He didn't look anything like this though.

They also have funny signs throughout
the place - I suppose they get funnier as the evening progresses and the patrons get drunker and drunker - I personally do not drink alcohol so their level of hilarity stayed pretty constant the whole evening.

I also seem to have become allergic to black fly's this summer. Today I got bit on my eye lid and am nicely swollen on most of the left side of my face. I've previously had huge swellings on my forehead, back side of my head and my neck - black flies are not my friend this summer. Unfortunately I can't feel when they're biting me - so I can't mitigate their deadly poison.

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  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Haha, nice to see you finally got to visit our neighbourhood haunt. Just be glad you didn't hit there on a Thursday ....teeny bopper nite!! Quite the local 'flavour', eh?

    Now would it totally creep you out if I were to tell you before it was Curly's it was a.......

    Funeral Parlour??

    Come back anytime. :)