Friday, May 23, 2008

Something I forgot from previous post - Furry's Halifax

I forgot to mention in my previous post about the latest edition of "Furry's Halifax" - I picked up the latest edition yesterday at Atlantic News (a dog friendly Magazine store on Queen Street here in Halifax) when I was picking up the latest issue of Bark Magazine, and I noticed that peppered throughout are little ads that say "Support Furry's - Get a subscription today".

I think that having a local full colour magazine is a great idea - and I think that Furry's Halifax is actually worth a $16 subscription - it's actually pretty cheap - so I'm going to buy a subscription - even though it's free on the newstand. I am very into supporting the local dog community with my hard earned money - and I think this is a worthwhile use of my money. So I'm going to buy a subscription - and I wanted to post here that this is something that is available for us to spend our money on. You can emaill Lynne MacKay at to buy your subscription too!

Do you recognize anyone on this page? haha! On the left hand side of the page were photos taken at the GPAC dog expo - where Buttercup and I were selling our liver. Buttercup is a pretty sooky dog, eh? And I am definitely a dogkisser.

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