Friday, May 23, 2008

Lots of stuff - Yard sale, BSL, Lab Fest, photos from the air

So this Sunday is "Lab Fest" - an event put on by Lab Rescue of Nova Scotia is going to be happening Sunday from 12 to 4 at Seaview Park - I think me and Charlie are going to be going seeing as how he's 1/2 lab - so I'm sure it's going to be tons of fun. I have spent 100's of hours at Seaview Park - it used to be one of only 2 off-leash parks here in Halifax - and it maybe closing to dogs completely because it seems that the bureaucrats of Halifax really really hate dogs - so you should go there with your dogs while you can.

On that note - I was talking with my Dad about the fact that if Bill 138 passes and they enact the legislation here in Halifax - people with restricted breeds may have to post signs on the front of their houses that they have a restricted breed living inside their domicile. And it occurred to me that on any official document - I've always called Daisy a doberman! I have never called her a rottweiller! That really shows you the STUPIDITY of BSL. Since she's a mixed breed - I've always chosen to call her the lesser evil of her mix - hell I should have really called her a lab mix - because she's got some of that in there too. I even wrote a post about it once when I saw a photo of a purebred doberman with his ears not cropped that REALLY looked like a photo I had taken of Daisy - you can check the post out here - "Daisy's a doberman!"

I got an email with a link to an amazing photographer who has taken photographs of Halifax from the air - along with photos of other places in Nova Scotia, and I thought I'd put the link here, because I'm sure that everyone will enjoy it - even though I didn't find ONE photo of a dog. You can't have everything I guess. haha! The link is and the guys name is Craig Mosher.

And the last thing is that there's going to be a huge yard sale over in the parking lot at the Dartmouth shelter of the NS SPCA. The email I got said the following -

Giant Yard Sale, this Saturday May 24, 2008 at SPCA Metro Shelter, 5 Scarfe Court, Burnside Industrial Park. 9 am - 1:30 pm. Literally thousands of items including books, clothing, crafts, antiques, dishes,

Thanks to all of you who donated items throughout the months for us to sell at this event to raise money for the SPCA.

Spread the word. Come visit the animals and shop.

Want to help out?? We will be there at 6 am to unload hundreds of boxes from the storage unit to display on tables etc.

So I think I'd like to head over there and do both - shop, and visit the animals. I would really like to do that. What about you?

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