Saturday, May 3, 2008

Man, it was nice out today

I don't imagine too many of us were on the computer today. It was nice out. We were all letting our dogs shit in all the local parks in the HRM instead of doing our normal cyber sniping. Although I spent the early part of today getting poor Daisy a very special type of abuse - what some people call a BATH.
We went out to Tailwagrrrs in Bedford and my good friend Leah gave Daisy a bath - she's the only human being on this planet who seems to be able to do it - so I just let her go to it.
This is one of Leah's dogs - the most beautiful St. Bernard in the world - Hutch! He came from the Lillian Albion shelter in Amherst - I first met Hutch at Seaview Park when we used to go there every dayThis is one of the resident dogs at Tailwagrrrs
And also another resident dog - Ceiligh - she's used to all the hair flying around by now I guess!
After we finished with the nasty bath though I took Daisy for a nice walk in the woods so that she could get nice and stinky again before we went home
And then once we got home she got to roll around in the back yard with Charlie to make sure that any cleanness got nice and rubbed off.

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