Friday, May 2, 2008

City Threatening to take away off leash parks

Late this afternoon the City sent out an email saying that "the HRM's off leash park areas monitoring reports have now been posted online at:

The reports present the good, the bad, and the ugly of HRM's off leash parks. There are hundreds of dedicated responsible dog owners in HRM committed to keeping our parks clean and safe but at the same time it appears that in some areas irresponsible dog owners are not bothering to clean up after their pets.

As always, your comments are welcome."

When you go to the site you'll find pdf files with reports of not only the 5 new pilot off leash areas - but ALSO Point Pleasant Park and Seaview Park. The problem is that it's my understanding that Point Pleasant and Seaviwe are NOT OFFLEASH PILOT PARKS - they are PERMANENT OFF LEASH AREAS.

And what you'll read when you read their reports are:

Point Pleasant Park Recommendations: "If after an additional month of monitoring, it appears that dog waste is a chronic problem the Committee may decide to consider revoking dog related privileges in the Park by invoking Section 3.4 of the Strategy.

Seaview Park Recommendations: "The Interdepartmental Off Leash Stragegy Committee now has survey results for the park. It is apparent that there is a serious problem at the park. If dog waste continues to be a problem at Seaview Park the Committee may decide to consider revoking dog related provilegees in the Park by invoking Section 3.4 of the Strategy.

This is NOT why the Off Leash Parks Strategy was begun - to TAKE AWAY the TWO ORIGINAL OFF LEASH PARKS!!!!!!!!!!

Please - if this is what is the agenda of the "Interdepartmental Off Leash Strategy Committee" - something must be done to stop them. WHO is on this committee? Why was this report released on a Friday afternoon? What can we do about this?

Plese, responsible dog owners of the Halifax Regional Municipality who take your dogs off-leash and believe that your dogs deserve to exercise in this manner - act now. I think it's time to stand up.

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  1. Anonymous8:16 PM


    Just a quick comment as I am overloaded today...This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

    I think there should be a very quick awareness campaign put together for users of these two areas so they have the information as to how they can voice their complete DISGUST with this EXTREMELY UNFAIR action by the city!

    Perhaps the campaign should broach all off leash areas to make people aware of the necessity to stop this absurdity before there are no OFF LEASH areas in the HRM!!!

    Appalled and DISGUSTED!


  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    First of all I am always amazed at how many people don't clean up after their dogs. I go to both seaview and point pleasant parks, and they both provide FREE bags for dog waste, yet it seems a lot of people are either too lazy or oblivious to pick up after their pets. I am shocked that a city like ours is doing this. Who are these HRM staff that have been asked to flag dog crap and how much are they getting paid?? Obviously the people who are deciding that they should take away these off leash parks aren't dog owners,and don't recognize the benefits to having such parks in our beautiful city.

    -frustrated in the north end.

  3. Anonymous10:31 PM

    call me crazy but why not hire someone to patrol the off leash park and pick up the dog crap ?
    i don't think you will ever get a place where everyone is responsible.

  4. I am the manager of, and am enjoying your tribute to your pets. Re: the park/cleanliness --
    I spent a day in Central Park, NYC, last week. there were numerous dogs, often several being walked by one person.
    This immense and beautiful park was pristine and absolutely clean.

    All the dog walkers were cleaning up after their dogs.

    I was very impressed.

    BTW, New York is ablaze with foliage, blossoming trees, lilacs, and flowers!


    Juno's typist