Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chinchilla Charlie on CTV News

Tonight Netta Armitage and Mimi were on CTV news tonight to talk about 2 of the Celtic Pets dogs who were killed by the NS SPCA - Scupper and Dottie - they both had foster homes to go to - and both were killed for some reason. And we have no good explanation why. Here is the video:


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I am furious & saddened by the turn of events since these poor animals were "rescued" (one can hardly call it that). How can a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals justify what they have done? I don't care if they have saved hundreds - they let these animals down - and that is unforgiveable! It is very sad days for those who work tirelessly and so hard to truly "save" animals! How could these poor animals be anything but so called aggressive - you live in a cage for months & tell me you wouldn't be pissed off at the world!
    They should have been in loving rescue homes (which were so readily available & willing) - but stupid, human ignorance and pride wouldn't allow that to happen!

    Heads need to roll!!!

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I agree "heads need to roll" and the first head is the VP "presenting" as being an animal advocate. She is the biggest liar I have ever seen and still manage to get her MUG on tv still let people know that she is holding all the cards and power. Let's see what happens tonight; if the BOD are the least bit worried about the fate of the SPCA and the animals, Pam Keddy will be GONE; she is now a liability to the society and has caused the SPCA to be under intense scrutiny ORRRR the move of dropping her to VP was a strategic move to let people "think" that they did the right thing in moving her down to VP and tonight, after the meeting, she will emerge QUEEN of Scarfe Court and once again hold the "lethal needle" in her hand and rein over all the animals that are at her mercy. She is an absolute disgrace. Let's see someone take her pets because they are at home all day without someone being there to ensure they get outside, proper social time, proper exercise. Let's see how she feels when her world comes crumbling down and all she has is pictures to look at to remind her that something she loved was taken and the fate of their lives sits in the hands of a miserable bitch looking to rise to the top. She will be brought to her knees. SHE'S DONE.