Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jack's first trip to Point Pleasant Park!

Me and the little dogs - when Teddy was alive it was Teddy and Buttercup - used to go to Point Pleasant Park before 10am every weekend to walk along the waterfront. It was a great time to let the little dogs be little dogs and let them rule their world, but once Teddy died it wasn't any fun anymore, so I stopped going. But today I took Jack and Buttercup down for the first time and we had a great time. Jack did super and seemed to really enjoy himself - and Buttercup had a ball - she seemed to be back to her old self again.Jack here is trying to decide what to do with Spike - this is the first dog he encountered when we arrived at the park - so maybe he's trying to figure out what everything's about at this point.
Running and having FUN!
And then we encountered Dana and her little dog Toby - every dog is obsessed with 3 pound Toby - and Jack was no different!
"Toby, you smell like heaven!"
"But you're a boy, just like me! Oh well!"
This is Shane the grey-hound who is a regular at Point Pleasant Park coming in for a treat. I've heard he's not a grey-hound, he's really a treat-hound!

All in all it was quite a successful morning and I'd say we'll be starting to go back regularly now! Yea!

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