Saturday, March 29, 2008

FINALLY! Oprah is doing a show about Puppy mills!

Well it's finally going to happen - on Friday April 4th, 2008 - Oprah is going to do a show about puppy mills - she says on her website: Animal lovers, unite! Lisa Ling investigates the hidden world of puppy mills. If you can't watch on Friday, record it…because you truly have to see this for yourself.

Dog advocates have been begging her for years to expose this world for years about where all the puppies actually come from that are so cute and lovely that are in the pet stores across North America - and hopefully on Friday some people are going to have their eyes open - because as Oprah herself loves to say "once you've seen something - you can't deny that you've seen it - you can't turn away".

The email that I got said that a group had funded to have a huge billboard near Oprah's studio put up "begging" Oprah to do a show on puppy mills - maybe that was the final impetus she needed. Whatever it was - I'm glad she's finally done it.

I fostered a bouvier named Ebony who most probably lived her life in a puppy mill situation - and her body showed the scars of it. Her mind however continued to be beautiful - and she was an amazing dog. No living, breathing animal deserves to exist in conditions like what human beings put dogs through in puppy mills - and if you don't think they exist here in Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick - think again.

Any where that government's don't care enough about our companion animals that they're willing to have laws that don't take their well-being into consideration - puppy mills are going to exist - and that most definitely includes our 3 fair provinces currently. There is less legislation in place to protect dogs than there is cows and chickens when it comes to living conditions. Good for the cows and chickens - bad for the dogs.

So watch Oprah on Friday and see what they say. Hopefully Oprah will learn something.

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