Sunday, February 24, 2008

Today's GPAC Doggie Expo!

Today me and Buttercup went to the GPAC Doggy Expo at the Halifax Forum - we went and pretended we were selling our dehydrated liver - but really we were there to go around and yak at everybody in the room and everyone who came by our table that we were sharing with one of our best friends - Maureen Tate - who sells the super yummy raw dog food - Urban Carnivore. This photo is of my friend - also called Maureen with her daughter Caitlin and their dogs Rudy and - shit, I'm having a mental fart on Caitlin's dogs name. I'll think of it and edit this part as soon as I think of it!!
This was Kathleen Duffy's booth - the new and very proud and happy owner of Tailwagrrr's K-9 Wellness Centre out on the Bedford Highway - the everything in one place store - a doggy daycare, dog boutique, groomer, doggy birthday party, doggy cafe - you name it, they're going to have it there! (and oh yeah - she's got my liver there too! haha!)
This is the very beautiful, and very patient - Nellie, the leonberger
And this is Seven - a deaf, and slightly blind australian shepherd who's owners Amy and Adina are completely in love with. Can you think of why they called him Seven? Because of the movie of the same name? Could it possibly be because they are so dog crazy that he is their SEVENTH dog? BINGO! And what a lovely family they have! At last year's doggie expo they brought 2 of their other dogs - and when I wrote up that event I took pictures of them there - you can read about it - here and see pictures as well!
These are the ladies from Three Dog Bakery - who have just opened up over in Dartmouth Crossing - I can can tell you that the stuff they were dipping and selling today - I was having a hard time not wanting to buy and eat for MYSELF! It looked that yummy! I don't think they are going to have any problems with their business. Their stuff is awesome.

This is the most beautiful Lisa and her beautiful, but in a different way - Oscar. Lisa also has Delta - who has appeared several times on this blog - she's an equally photogenic boxer. You can see her when I talked about an SPCA dog jog and when I talked about her and Daisy's love of toys.
The HRM's Animal Services had a booth set up so that people could come and get their city tags for dogs and cats today in preparation for the new A300 bylaw coming into effect April 1st - and the fee is only $10 as opposed to the $15 I know that I've had to pay in previous years - so I took my own dogs' collars over to see if I could renew my guys' tags for next year for the same $10 while I was getting a new registration for Jack - and luckily they let me do it for everyone - so for $40 I was able to do everyone, and I was glad for that. Now everyone's legal again until March 31st 2009. And all registered under such benevolent terms as "Lab mix" and "doberman mix" - not the deadly terms of "killer rottweiller" - like my neighbours like to call Charlie and Daisy - I mean, not that there's anything wrong with rottweillers - they are some of my best friends - but that name can get you killed in some places.
I finally got to meet a couple people that I've been corresponding with for a long time - and one of them was Charlotte Estabrooks from PEI - who is THE go to person for daschunds - she came all the way from PEI to set up a table for Dachshund Rescue of North America, and I thought that was really neat. Also in the photo was another person I was really happy to meet - Elsie - who Truro is SO lucky to have as their Animal Control person - and another fabulous person I met today - Paula!
This is Lynne who is the force behind the new Halifax magazine "Furry's Halifax" - I talked about this in another post when it first came out, and they're coming out with their second issue this week - I'm sure that this magazine is going to do great things for dog culture in the HRM - and meeting Lynne today assured me that her positive personality is going to do great things!

This is what Charlie was doing today.
And this is what Jack was doing today.

This is a couple photos of my friend Colleen's dog - Grendel - he's a breed of dog that's native to Canada - but the breed is of course escaping me at the moment, some kind of inuit something or other. I'm having a bad night for brain farts unfortunately....

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  1. Aww shucks! *blushes*

    What a great turnout today! Have a look at my FB album for the pictures I took today. Not many, but a few I remembered to take while wrangling bad-boy Oscar, the Lhasa Asshole.

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Wow great pics and write up. I learnt more from your pics than I did there. I can't wait to go back next year.


  3. Anonymous12:28 PM

    It was so awesome to finally meet you, Joan (and Elsie too!)
    The Doggie Expo is an amazing event!
    I only wish I had more time to go around & acquaint myself with more vendors & reps at the various booths!

    See ya'll next year if not before!

    Yours in Rescue

    Charlotte Estabrooks
    Maritime Canada Rep-Dachshund Rescue of North America

    "Suffering Knows No Borders"