Tuesday, February 19, 2008

President's Choice has gone too far

I was out grocery shopping last night - and I put a dollop of soft dog food in with my "fit for human consumption" kibble so that to me it seems more palatable to the dogs - I'm sure the dogs would eat whatever I put in front of them because they hoover down anything that hits the floor except for fresh mushrooms and green peppers - and last night I saw on the shelf - "APPLE CRUMBLE: DOG DESSERT". A President's Choice brand product.

I could not believe my eyes. Can you believe it? First we have water for dogs. I couldn't believe that either. But now - DESSERT for DOGS? In addition to the kibble that costs me almost $100.00 per bag - I've got dessert available for them too? My dogs eat some of everything I eat - they eat their kibble - but they also eat table scraps, and I also cook for them - so if they are going to eat apple crumble - they are going to eat REAL apple crumble - NOT apple crumble for dogs. CAN YOU IMAGINE!!


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Wow, thats nuts. ! lol Love your blog :)

  2. PC brand..it must have Apple by-product instead of real apples!