Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Duncan was the bestest dog ever

Today Duncan lost his battle with a brain tumour. He was only 7 years old.
Duncan was a valley bull dog - which some people think is a breed - but is really just a mutt masquerading as a breed, but they are a very cute mutt, and because people are trying to make them a breed - their genetics have some problems - and Duncan was a victim of breeders thinking they could do whatever they wanted with their "line breeding" or whatever they call what they do to make designer breeds these days.
But Duncan had a brother called Oscar, and a sister called Delta, and a mother called Lisa - all who loved him more than life itself.
He also had an older brother named Judge who died a few years before him - also of cancer - hence my belief that he has very poor genetics. Poor Duncan - and poor Mommy. She is going through torture today because all she cares about is that one of the major loves of her life is now gone - so unnecessarily.
He was a perfect spokesdog for BSL because he was lovely, and gentle and kind and only wanted to be loved and he loved to play with his sister Delta and brother Oscar.

7 years isn't nearly long enough to have spread his pee around his neighbourhood. Today all of Duncan's and Lisa's friends are crying with Lisa for her profound loss.


  1. So so so sad. Poor little sweet Duncan, perpetually happy, always wagging his little stub. He will be missed. My heart goes out to Lisa. :(

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    My heart is so sad for Lisa and her other furkids. Duncan certainly had the best life ever on this earth. He will be at Rainbow Bridge someday to meet you Lisa.

  3. Anonymous6:17 PM

    November is a bad month for dogs :(

    Just be glad he had a good life with you Lisa.

    -Marc and Jenny
    formerly Marc and Mitzi(Nov 28/06)

  4. Thank you for your words Joan, and for the comments that were left. I miss him so much. He left long before he should have, but he deteriorated so fast in the space of 24 hours. There will never be another boy like him, ever.