Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Really Interesting Statistic

I was reading a news feed today from Purina Canada - of all things - Pet Care Company Launches New Fund and Centre - and they did some market research that has says:

"According to Purina research, over 51% of Canadian households have a dog
or cat. In comparison, Statistics Canada has reported that 31% of Canadian
households have children.

So more Canadian homes currently have pets than children - so what does that say about us - that we like animals as companions more than children? That more of us have chosen to have canine life companions than children? Or that more of us are too old to have children? Or too young?

Regardless - I think it shows that society needs to wake up and see that the living beings living inside our homes need to become PART of our society - and need to spend time outside of our homes - WITH us - and I hope people start accepting that soon - and I hope some of those people are DOG OWNERS.

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