Thursday, September 13, 2007

PETA is completely wrong about Breeders

PETA's latest campaign is hopefully going to put them over the edge in public opinions mind of a lot of normal people who have up until now not really thought about them too much and thought that they were an okay organization because people like Pamela Anderson and Paul McCartney supported them.

Their latest campaign is blaming all breeders of all dogs for the reason why dogs and cats are dying in shelters.

I cannot believe that they'd actually say something so absolutely wrong - and say it so publicly - up until now they've been very subversive with their thoughts on companion animals in general - they've generally not let it be publicly known that they think that companion animals are slaves to humans and we shouldn't have pets at all. They think that all pets that are currently living should be sterilized so that none of them reproduce and within a couple generations every species of companion animals will die off and we won't have them anymore - any companion animal of any kind - cats, dogs, rabbits, fish - whatever - they're all our slaves and shouldn't really exist because since they can't survive in nature - they shouldn't be here. They also think that even if we DO let companion animals exist - we still SHOULD kill every pit bull - they are the most abused animal on the earth - so in order to SAVE them - we have to KILL every one of them - so we can't hurt them anymore.

But anyway - on to the breeder thing. I can't believe they'd say that breeders are the reason why animals are dying in shelters. They most certainly are NOT - people who don't spay and neuter their mixed breed dogs are the reason why; people who don't take their lifetime committment to their companion animals are the reason why - and that includes people who own purebred dogs as well as mixed breeds; people who get animals for the wrong reason and then abuse the dogs are the reason why dogs are dying in shelters - they make them unadoptable.

Most responsible breeders are involved with rescue organizations that are specific to their breed - and have it written into their contracts that if a person buying one of their puppies can't stay with their owner - it can't go anywhere else except back to the breeder - so those dogs would never go into the shelter system - how is that putting any kind of tax on the shelter system?

Any responsible rescue person loves responsible breeders - in our perfect world we would only WANT to work with responsible breeders. It's the high volume farm type dog puppy mills that are the problem - and may I say that some of those places DO produce puppies that come with CKC/UKC/AKC papers.

But that being aside - I really hope that this latest campaign marginalizes PETA to the point that they are really seen as being a truly fringe organization only looking to get themselves attention and money. They are truly pathetic.

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  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Anyone with a companion pet knows humans are slaves to their pets, and not the other way around as PETA alleges.