Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Dogs now have an AMAZING Back Yard!

The landscapers finished in the back yard today and the dogs now have an amazing back yard - once the grass grows in.
They even have a pooping area in the back made from mulch.
These are the landscaping guys standing in fromt of the pooping area - I think they enjoyed themselves doing all the hard work they had to do to take the backyard from a jungle and turning it into some place that people and dogs will actually be able to enjoy.

There is even a term now called "dogscaping" that I've discovered - there's some articles about it on the internet, and there's even companies down in the States that do landscaping just for dogs. One article I found was "People and dogs find common ground" - then "Make Room for Rover" -

It's just unfortunate that I actually have neighbours that threaten to shoot my dogs like one of them did tonight. When I was calling Daisy in - one of my truly evil neighbours said to no one in particular - "I have a shot gun in my house that would take care of that dog" - and there was no way I was going to let that go. My Dad has been telling me to just ignore anything that they say - but killing Daisy?

So I hollered back at him - "you know that intent to do a crime is exactly the same as doing the crime - and if you ever shoot one of my dogs - you ARE going to jail".

I went on to holler things like - he is a very stupid, stupid man, he WILL go to jail if he ever touches one of my dogs, my dogs will never be on his property, he had better not touch my dogs when they are on my property, etc., etc.

He went on to say that Daisy attacked his dog - the black lab that lives next door to him - on HIS property - which is a COMPLETE fiction. Absolutely untrue. He said that if Daisy touches one of his grandchildren, he will shoot Daisy - Daisy is the most loving, friendly dog anyone will ever meet.

So I told him to go ahead and shoot her if she ever attacks one of his grandchildren on his property. The chances of that happening are about as high as him ever having a good idea.

I really wish I would've had my camera so that I could've videotaped THAT conversation. Such a shame that wasn't recorded for posterity. I also told him that "you think YOU'VE got a temper? You haven't seen anything until you've seen my temper, buddy!" The difference between his temper and my temper is that I've got the intelligence to back it up. Although he DOES have a shotgun. Does a shotgun trump intelligence? Maybe it does. We shall see. He also likes to wear a wide brimmed cowboy hat. He's a professional truck driver. That may give you some insight into his character.

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