Monday, May 28, 2007

Vroom Vroom!!

On the weekend I met a lady named Dana and her dog Toby - aren't they just the cutest!
Toby is about a 3 pound yorkie who also has an extension that his mommy can put on the motorcycle - but today he was just in this pouch in front of his Mommy
I don't like to say that there are any dogs out there cuter than Buttercup - but I will admit that there are moments in time when "some" dogs are cuter than her - and Toby was cuter than Buttercup during this moment!
This was Buttercup looking down from the front porch at me taking pictures of Dana and Toby - she was understandably very unimpressed about me taking pictures of another dog that was more beautiful than her!

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  1. Now, that IS cute! :)

    BTW, ran into this posting and thought you might be interested in the PDF which has to do with wolf conservation (or what passes for it).