Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Beautiful day at Crystal Crescent

We went to Crystal Crescent beach this afternoon and it was absolutely beautiful there - there was even a fishing boat checking their traps out in the water - and I tried - not to successfully to get the dogs in a shot with the boat - I don't know why they won't participate with me when I want to set shots up! You'd think by now they'd understand English a little better!Here's Charlie in front of the boat - he's the best one for doing what I ask him to do - "here - stand here and look like you're modelling while I take this picture of you in front of the boat"
Daisy looking beautiful in front of the red bushes. She's so photogenic next to red stuff.
Here's Buttercup on the rocks looking for something stinky to roll in - I think she knows she' pretty much due for a bath anyway!
Whisky the cat hasn't been feeling too well - he's currently got a cold - what they call "feline herpes". He's been going around sneezing up a storm. He's pretty resilient though, so I'm sure he'll start perking up in a couple of days. At least he's not using up all the tissues like a human man would! haha

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  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I have never seen a bluer sky! :)