Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Value of a Thermos

Some people may call me a bit stunned. Some people have called me a lot worse :) But for some reason I have never taken anything other than water on my walks with the dogs - other than Tim Horton's coffee - and that is such a drag because it's so hard to maneouver when at least one of the dogs wants to be carried around at least part or all of the time - so I haven't done that very often.
But today for some reason I had the bright idea to decant my barely drunk morning coffee into a 500ml metal thermos that I've had forever and hardly used and take it with us for our morning walk in the woods - it fit perfectly into my pocket as well as a bottle of water usually does, and what a difference it made to the quality of the walk!

You know how sometimes seemingly miniscule things can make a huge difference? Well - this little thing made our walk heads and shoulders over usual walks. It was superlatively super. I highly recommend purchasing one of these things. Toss out those healthy water bottles and purchase a thermos you can stick in your pocket and drink caffienated beverages instead. It's much better for your head.
Daisy running by saying - where can I get ME some of that coffee?
Charlie coming up for a sip of liver.
A close up of Charlie asking for his liver.
Daisy posing and looking beautiful
Close-up of Daisy's perfection
My friend Janet was cleaning out her closets on Friday and I was sitting next to her lustily waiting for cast-offs and this was one of the things she philanthropically gave away - a post card from the turn of the century - isn't it cute? I LOVE it!

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