Saturday, March 10, 2007

How to piss off a City Councillor

There's no better way to piss off an HRM City Councillor than to suggest impropriety about the failed bid for the Commonwealth Games, I'd say they're about touchy on the subject currently.

Along with my blog posting this morning I sent out an email to some people noting my unhappiness with the what seems to me to be completely unnecessary Dartmouth "all weather sports field" and Mr Andrew Younger, representative for East Dartmouth who said the field has been open for more than a year. My question though is - if it's an "all weather sports field" and it's been open for more than a year - why was it completely locked up and snowed in?

To me this brings up a huge question in relation to dog owners and the "Off leash strategy" master plan that's being worked on - what exactly does the HRM spend it's money on? And why is so little of it spent on resources for tax paying dog owners? And exactly how much IS spent on resources for tax paying dog owners now? And why are they not up front about how much is being spent on us right now? And why are they expecting us dog owners to raise our own funds for the upkeep of any spaces we let our dogs off-leash in, and not other users of spaces - like on sports fields where other taxpayers use - but aren't allowed to go on - ie dog owners are NOT allowed to take their pets on to the Dartmouth "All weather sports field".

These are HUGE questions that must be addressed - whether or not the money was spent speculatively or not.

As well - this space was taken up in urban park space that had previously been available to hikers, dog owners, and families to use - and now is gone forever. Has there been other urban park space made available to us as an alternative? These are questions I'd like to find an answer to...

Addendum to this post added at 5:45pm - Andrew Younger suggested I search "Dartmouth all weather sports field" and I'd find tons of stuff online about it - well now, shit - I certainly did. The bloody thing cost FOUR MILLION DOLLARS to build! Can you imagine! There's a press release on the City's website that talks about the sod turning from 2005 - here - shit. That's a ton of dough.

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