Saturday, February 17, 2007

Some New Stuff for Today

Today me and Buttercup did a bit of shopping. One of the places we hit was the Glamour Puss and the Naughty Dog store downtown - it was a bit cold when we were out and I didn't put a coat on Buttercup so I thought I'd better get her a new coat. I was regifted a hat from my friend Janet this past Christmas from that store - so I bought the matching dog coat for Buttercup today. I think she looks pretty goood - and now when we go for walks we're going to match. I'm sure we're going to look completely foolish! haha!

>Another store we went to was the Bookmark Store on Spring Garden Road - and I bought this book because I thought it was so awesome. It wasn't until I got home and actually looked at it that I realized that all of the knitting projects are all so hard you have to be a bloody master knitter to do any of them! So if you're a person who knows how to knit really good and this book sounds good to you - email me! Otherwise this book'll be going up at the next doggy auction that needs an auction itme - because I don't think I'll be using this book!

It was a nice day here in Halifax so the dogs finally got to go for a nice walk - Buttercup certainly seemed to enjoy herself by the looks of this picture, eh?
In my capacity as the new area representative for Dogs Deserve Better in Nova Scotia - I put a poster in the window of my living room - and also a bumper sticker on my car - to get the word out about the organization. I've talked a lot about the group here on the blog in the past, so I won't bore you with any prostelytyzing today - just follow the link to read about them and what we do! haha!

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