Sunday, February 25, 2007

Responsible Pet Owners in the HRM love their dogs!

Today was the 3rd Annual Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada Doggy Expo - which this year was held at the Halifax Forum. I swear there must have been about 1,000 dogs move through the room today. This picture is 18 month old bull mastiff Hammy who was shopping for a special kind of martingale collar that would fit his huge neck. Unfortunately he never found one (: though.
Today showed how absolutely starving responsible dog owners in the HRM are for things to do with their dogs. When I arrived at 11am I had to wait in a line up for more than 5 minutes just to get in!
This shot is a shot of the crowd - the room was absolutely packed with people and their dogs. Almost everybody there had their dog with them and there weren't any problems at all. It's quite obvious that most dog owners DON'T want to leave their dogs tied up in their back yards - forgotten about, rotting, dying, chained to their dog houses. They want to get out and have fun and DO things with them.
Buy stuff for them - like the fabulous Tail-Wagrrr muffins that Kathleen makes who's in this picture here! She's also the super groomer who works at the Metro Dog Wash. She and Terri the owner by the way are also clipping nails now too! Isn't that awesome?
This is the city's most famous dog walker - Adina MacRae from "Dogs on the Go" and one of her little dogs Satchel - he's almost as bad as Buttercup - "almost!"
Bark n Fitz were set up this year - I've never seen them set up anywhere before, and I've never been to their store before either, which is weird - I've heard they're in the Historic Properties maybe? I guess I should go!
This is one Kathleen from Tail Wagrrr's hand made cakes! She makes them order and I bet you they're pretty tasty! For dogs that is!

After we were done at the Expo we went for a lovely walk in the woods - you would think I set these pictures up the dogs look so pretty. But no - the dogs just look in the camera, and it's serendipity - and I press - click!

While I was at the Expo today I also saw a good friend of mine - Leah - who very bravely rescued this lovely puppy last week! His name is Bailey and he's available for adoption! 8 months old, crate trained, good with kids and other dogs, high energy, with all the energy that an 8 month old husky shepherd mix can offer you. He has all the looks of a beautiful shepherd - and the fur and compact body of a husky. He is a lovely, beautiful and soulful dog that's going to
give a lifetime of frisbee catches. You can either email me or you can email Leah directly at leahlangford @ for more info on him. He's going to be quite a catch!

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  1. Aweseme photos, dogloving wife loved them! Keep up the fun blog..